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This website is dedicated to the study of Jewish family in the town of Dnipropetrovsk, now in Ukraine
but formerly part of the Yekaterinoslav Gubernia of the Russian Empire

Location : Ukraine  48º 27' N 34º 59 E    243 Km mi  ESE of   Kyyiv

Other names : Dnipropetrovs'k ( Ukr ) , Dnepropetrovsk ( Rus since 1926 ) , Ekaterinoslav ( Rus before 1926 )
                        Yekaterinoslav ( Yid ) , Jekaterynoslav , Iekaterinoslav , Dniepropietrowsk ( Pol )
                       Dnjepropetrowsk, Dniepropetrovsk , Ekaterinoslav , Jekaterynoslaw, Keterinoslav ,
                       Sicheslav, ( Rus 1917-1918 ) Secheslav, Siczeslaw .

City Names changes as per Wikipedia :


    Ekaterinoslav in 1909    

Ekaterinoslav 1909


Ukraine Map courtesy of Worldatlas
Ukraine map courtesy of Infoukes
Dnipropetrovsk Map courtesy of Google
Dnipropetrovsk Map courtesy of Mapquest
Dnipropetrovsk Map courtesy of Gorod
Map of Pale of Settlement on the Russian Empire courtesy of

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Yizkor Book

Dnipropetrovsk Yizkor Book
Access to translation of Dnipropetrovsk Yizkor Book
Dnipropetrovsk Yizkor Book courtesy of New York Public Library

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