I have a wonderful handwritten letter documenting a move by my grandmother's family in the Ukraine from the city of Khorol to Ekaterinoslav. I don't know the circumstances for the letter. Perhaps my great-grandfather was registering in the new town? 
This is the translated text:
Issued by Khorol Rabbi's Assistant in confirmation that according to Birth and Death Certificate Books on born Jews of City of Khorol and the region it has been registered the birth of children in the family of a petty bourgeois from Vil'no province, city of Sventsiany Akiva Leibova, the son of Desiatnikov, that his lawful wife Yenta Perel, David's daughter, delivered him in town of Bielotserkovka, namely, son Chaim-Yankel was born on year thousand eight hundred eighty six, on January twenty ninth  (year 1886, January 29) and registered the same year under #10, and daughters, 1st Dvoira was born on year thousand eight hundred eighty two, on June seventeenth (year 1882, June 17) and registered under #25, 2nd Leeba was born on year thousand eight hundred eighty four, on July third (year 1884, July 3) and registered under # 22, and 3th  Chaya-Sara was born on year thousand eight hundred eighty eight, on May seventeenth (year 1888, May 17) and in Birth and Death Certificate Bo
ok was registered under # 21, what I am by signing and stamping certifying. City of Khorol, year 1893, April 11. Rabbi's Assistant Madizsky stamp # 42.
I, signed below, certify the authenticity of this copy with the original, presented to me, Feodor Ivanovich Speransky, a notary of Ekaterinoslav, in my office, located at 1 precinct on Avenue in building # 22, by a petty bourgeois Isaak Leontievich Belen'ky, dwelling at 4 precinct of City of Ekaterinoslav in Varshavsky's building.
At comparison by me this copy with the original in the last. ??? [missing]       
Kind regards,
Susan Rappoport
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