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Judischen Kolonien in Rusland

Julius Elk, Frankfurt 1886

in lieu of the German translation, information about this period has been culled from the The Jewish Encyclopedia  Funk and Wagnals 1951

and placed in quotes: i.e." pp 252-253 "

This historical text (written in German and as yet not translated) is a documentary account of the Colonization Project in NovoRussia. This book is based on documentation of 1881. These charts give some indications of families that originally applied in 1839, the officers in charge (1840) and their final destinations. The list of original colonies in Kherson Guberniya and the number of souls residing therein.

Namen der Transportfuhrer: v. Mirbach, Baron Bistram, Baron Redem, v. Bolschwing, Kapitain Rusminst, Major Tripolet, Lieutn. Rusmin

Original Colonies (840):  Kamjanka, Islutschista, Inguletz, Israelewka, Gross Nagartew, Klein-Nagartaw, Ephengar, Seideminucha, BobrowiKut

Kherson Colonies (1845): Gross-Nagartaw, Klein-Nagartaw, Gross-Siedeminucha, Klein-Seideminucha, Brobrowikut, Ephenger, Inguletz, Kamianka, Islutshista, Israelewka, Sagaidak, Neu-Poltava, Romanow, Lemberg, Neu Breslau

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