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History of Novozlatopol

written in Ukrainian,

translated verbally by Boris Komisaruk into Russian and

then by his friend into Hebrew

and then by Chaim Freedman into English


In Gulyaipolye [district] in the Ukraine, in the village Novozlatopol in 1846 Jews moved to this place from Vitebsk, Kovno and Mogilev Gubernias. From 1929 to 1945 Novozlatopol was the centre of a Jewish region, the only one in the whole of the Ukraine. Aside from Novozlatopol was Priyutnaya in the Kuibishev region and Ukrainian villages...... Rozivskogo ..... Girke [???].


People had a difficult life in this region in the time of the war in 1941 the conquerors wanted to establish their order but were resisted by the inhabitants. Anti Fascist group was active. The leader was Chernik Konstantin Safonovich together with his colleague A.I. Chuchilashvili. They were caught by the Gestapo and after intense torture the two were killed by shooting. They received posthumous medals. Two roads in the village were named after them according to a decision of the council of the village of Novozlatopol after the war. The chairman of the council was I.Z.Golizra.

The Fascists killed and shot 800 residents for no other reason other than that they were Jews. They were all buried in a common grave of all those who suffered at the time of the Fascists.


In 1943 the conquerors expelled from the village all the residents and all the village was destroyed. There were a small number of survivors. There remained only a building which today is the People’s Centre. The building was constructed from red bricks and before the Revolution was the synagogue. After the war an addition was built as a library, a cinema and a building for actors. Of the buildings which existed before the war and the Revolution remained the houses where live families Sinenkiv, Plasovitsya, Karpekina, Mikhailenko [Ukrainian surnames]. In the history of Lenin Street 61 lived Velichko O.F. It was built more than 100 years ago and it is told that it was a house of Jews of the family Kluchevich and the grandfather Moisha was a tailor who sewed suits. During the war the Germans killed him. According to a story by Olga Fedorivka a few years ago there was a meeting with those who had lived there. This was a man of 60 years, a Jew who asked permission to see the apartment. His grandfather built the house and he had lived there. He had some sort of document. After that he disappeared and she did not keep a note of the name of Moisha who built the house. Currently the building belongs to the regional council. During the war the building was destroyed but after the war a new structure was built on the foundations.


Because in Novozlatopol there were Jews and Ukrainians there were two schools. The Jewish school was built before the war, when they built a public school, primary and intermediate. After the war after the Fascists left, children came and found everything destroyed.

[Translation incomplete]

Holocaust victims, killed in villages Oktyabr, Novodarovka, Temirovka, settlements from western part of Kamenets Podolsk district and Novozlatopol. 




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