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Translated by Joseph Komissarouk, USA

Census [Revizskaya Skazka]
Year One Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Eight, Twenty Fifth Day of May
Guberniya of Ekaterinoslav, Alexandrovsky Uyezd
Jewish Colony Grafskaya
Present male and female Jewish peasants

A ? after a name or word denotes that the transliteration or translation is uncertain.

All statements in square brackets are from the translator.

Since Russian has no letter h, names have been corrected accordingly, e.g., Hilel instead of Gilel; Henia instead of Genia; Hirsha instead of Girsha.

Gubernia = province

Uyezd = district

1[Family] Number in Last Revision Census List [1850]
2[Family] Number in Current Revision Census List [1858]
4Age at Last Revision Census List [1850] [of person in Column 3]c
5Date of Departure [of person in Column 3]
6Age at Current Revision Census List [1858] [of person in Column 3]
8Date of Departure [of person in Column 7]
9Age at Current Revision Census List [1858] [of person in Column 7]

1.2.3. males4.5.6.7. Females8.9.
 1They came in 1847 from Kovno guberniya, Rassein uyezd, town of Kelma      
  Gilel (son of Yizik) Sad49 57Gilel's wife Roha (daughter of Mendel) 45
  His son Yizik Mendel6 14Yizik's wife Beilia (daughter of Gilel) 22
  Adopted Yizik Kaplan (son of Orel from Gavriera)26 34Yizik's daughter Sora Minia, from second wife 2 ½
  His son from 1st wife: Mordukhnewborn 7   
  adopted Mordukh Ritspo (son of Yudel from Rassien)22 30Mordukh's wife Haya (daughter of Berko) 22
          His daughter Miriam 5
          His daughter Yudel 1 ½
      [I suspect clerical error here: “Yudel” sounds like male name]  
 2They came in 1850 from Rassien uyezd, town of Nomakshty      
  CChaim (son of Favel) Kravetz29 37CChaim's wife Chernia (daughter of Note) 39
  His son Favel4Died in
     His daughter Lea 17
          His daughter Eta 15
  Adopted Yankel Meyerovich (son of Girsh from Rassien) - arrived 184732 40Yankel's wife Fruma (daughter of Girsh) 39
  His son Abram4Died in
     His daughter Tzilia Gitlia 1
  His son Girsh Meyer3Died in
  His son Zalman Leybnewborn 5   
  Adopted Ayzik Simche (son of Yesel from Kreting)20 28Ayzik's wife Sara (daughter of Zelik) 24
      His son Abram Ovleynewborn 2   
  Adopted Movsha Kalmanovich (son of Kalman from Venzagala)37 45Movsha's wife Gutarada (daughter of Todras) 47
 3They came from Rassien uyezd, town of Kroza      
  Israel (son of Abram) Naftel48 56Israel's wife Estra (daughter of Shloma) 44
          His daughter Haya 16
  His son Shloma Yesel23 31Shloma Yesel's wife Haya Rivka (daughter of Simon) 22
          His daughter Sima 5
  His son Ayzik18 26Ayzik's wife Giesia (daughter of Mordukh) 20
  His son Toder6Died in
 4They came from Rassien community      
  Yankel (son of Shmuel) Orman26 34Yankel's wife Pesia (daughter of Yesel) 27
  His son Shmuelnewborn 7    His daughter Hana 5
  His son Itskanewborn 2   
  Yankel's cousin Mordukh (son of Shmuel) Vaks29 37Mordukh's wife Masia (daughter of Yedub) 28
      His son Abram Yankelnewborn 2   
  Yankel's adopted Yankel (son of Leib) Levner18 26Yankel's sister Ita Leibova [Leibova - ?] 16
  Yankel's brother Shmuel5 13   
 5They came from Yurbirg community      
  David (son of Arye) Gotlib47 55His daughter Feiga 14
  His son Girsh Ber13Died in
  His son Yelyash10 18   
  David's son in law David (son of Berk) Bruzur from Rassien26 34David Bruzur's wife Hana (daughter of David) 33
      His son Chaimnewborn 4    His daughter Tauba 12
          His daughter Gnesia 5
 6They came from Shavelsky uyezd, town of Veksna      
  Ber (son of Gerts) Golesh39 47Ber's wife Rasia (daughter of Girsh) 43
  His son Aba20 28Aba's wife Eta (daughter of Leib) 22
      His son Girshnewborn 3   
      His son Leibanewborn ¼   
  His son Girsh18 26Girsh's wife Haya Rivka (daughter of Girsh) 23
      His son Shlemanewborn 3   
      His son Mordukhnewborn ¼   
  His son Nahum13 21   
  His son Honon8 16   
  His son Shlema7 15   
 7They came from Shavel      
  Movsha (son of Chaim) Kartun29 37Movsha's wife Esta (daughter of Noson) 28
      Movsha's daughter Tsvena 4
  Adopted Shmuel (son of Abram) Arenboym from Latskov28 36Pesia (daughter of Don) mother of Shmulia Arenboym 53
      His son Movsha6Died in
 Pesia's daughter Estra (daughter of Abram) 16
      Shmuel's wife Zisia (daughter of Movsha) 32
  Pesia's son Vulf22 30Vulf's wife Eta (daughter of Vulf) 26
      His son Abramnewborn 5    His daughter Sora Rasia 1 ½
  Pesia's son Bentsel18 26   
 8They came from Silel      
  Man (son of Tsemah) Berman40Died in
 Man's wife Margolia (daughter of Nahum) 45
  His son Yilya10 18   
  His nephew (son of Berk) Yesel Leizerovich25 33Yesel's wife Haya (daughter of Girsh) 24
          His daughter Sora Hana 7
          His daughter Feiga 5
          His daughter Beilia 1 ½
  Adopted Movsha (son of Meyer) Kulman from Luknik46 54Movsha's wife Sheina (daughter of Not) 25
 9They came from Yurbirg      
  Abram Zavel (son of Girsh) Heihel57 65Abram's wife Estra (daughter of Girsh) 60
          His daughter Feiga 14
  His son-in-law Abram (son of Shlema) Leon16 24    His daughter Lea 24
     His son Yeselnewborn 1        His daughter Sora Gita 5
  Adopted Vulf (son of Yesel)) Simhe from Kreting34Lost in
 Vulf's wife Tesia [?]Lost in
  Son Yesel6Lost in
 10Gershen (son of Girsh) Heihel38 46Gershen's wife Roha (daughter of Naftel) 45
          His daughter Feiga 8
  His son Isar17 25Isar's wife Leya (daughter of Shlema) 21
      His son Abramnewborn 1   
  His son Vulf11 19Vulf's' wife Tsipa (daughter of Berk) 21
          His daughter Hana Glika ½
 11They came from Skudvil      
  Yesel (son of Shlema) Fridman36 44Yesel's wife Ginda (daughter of Movsha) 31
  His son from 1st wife David11 19    His daughter from 2nd wife Hana Riska 9 ½
  His son from 1st wife Vulf9 17   
  His son from 2nd wife Shlemanewborn 5   
  His son from 2nd wife Berkonewborn 1 ½   
  Adopted son Bentsel (son of Yesel) Levital48 56Bentsel's wife Esta (daughter of Menahem) 58
      His son Vulf9 17   
      His son Girsha7 15   
  Bentsel's relative Leiba (son of Nahum) Shlivka28Died in
 12They came from Uzvent      
  Shmuel (son of Girsh) Gershovich41 49Shmuel's wife Estra (daughter of Shmuel) 37
          His daughter Hana Dvera 6
  His son Yevsei18 26Yevsei's wife Dina Raitsa (daughter of Zelik) 28
  His son Girsha13 21Yevsei's daughter Malka Haya 1
  Adopted Mendel (son of Chaim) Shmidt18 26Mendel's wife Leiba (daughter of Not) 22
      His son Yankelnewborn 1 ½    His daughter Tsirka 22
 13They came from Shavel      
  Shmuel (son of Chaim) Kartun35 43Shmuel's wife Roha (daughter of David) 39
  His son Nahum16 24    His daughter Haya 15
  His son Ovley13 21    His daughter Pesia 14
  His son David4 12    His daughter Shifra 11
  His son Movshanewborn 2    His daughter Feiga 5
      Nahum's wife Pesia (daughter of Zadel) 18
  His son in law (?) Girsha (son of Yankel) Malotsky26 34Girsha's wife Sora (daughter of Shmuel)
(not listed as a daughter)
      His son Yuda Gershennewborn 3   
      His son Chaimnewborn 1   
  Adopted son Bentsel (son of David) Orel9Died in
  Bentsel's brother Leiba (son of David) Orel6 14   
 14Yankel (son of Meyer) Sher35 43Yankel's wife Rasia (daughter of Yesel) 41
  His son Movsha8Died in
  His son Shayanewborn 5   
  His brother Itzik31 39Itzik's wife Rivka (daughter of Movsha) 35
      His son Abramnewborn 5    His daughter Muska 14
      His son Michelnewborn 2   
  His brother Beniomin19 27Beniomin's wife Sora (daughter of Izrail) 31
 15They came from Luknik      
  Leizer (son of Meyer) Kulsuk35 43Leizer's wife Haya Leya (daughter of Meyer) 35
  His son Meyernewborn 5    His daughter Haya 15
  His son Sholomnewborn ½   
  Adopted son Simon (son of Neuh) Kaplan41 49Simon's wife Revzia (daughter of Shmuel) 41
  Adopted son Itzik (son of Yankel) Shevts35Died in
 Simon's daughter Hana Heya (?) 3
  His son Leizer13Died in
 16They came from Rassien      
  Girsha (son of Mordukh) Sheshkovich44 52Girsha's wife Hana (daughter of Zelik) 39
  His son Meyer6 14   
  His son Mordukhnewborn 2   
  His son-in-law Yesel (son of Leizer) Vigdorovich18 26Yesel's wife Vihna (daughter of Girsh) 21
      His son Abram Leizernewborn 2   
  Adopted son Itsek (son of Ovley) Shuster18 26Itsek's wife Tsirlia (daughter of Abram) 45
      His son Shlema6 14    His daughter Pesia Haya 12
      His son Girshanewborn 7   
      His son Yankelnewborn 6   
 17They came from Skudvil      
  David (son of Tsalel) Fridman34 42David's wife Dobra (daughter of Shmuel) 40
  His son Girsha10 18David's sister Leya (daughter of Tsalel) 16
  His nephew Yesel (son of Shachna) Faibul45Died in
 Yesel's wife Eta (daughter of Nahum) 49
          His daughter Sora Haya 14
      His son Girsha18 26Girsha's wife Minda (daughter of Zolmon) 24
      His son Shachna14 22Shachna's wife Eida (daughter of Leizer) 22
      Shachna's daughter Basia 1
      His son Nahumnewborn 7   
      His son Tsalelnewborn 5   
 18They came from Rassien      
  Zelman (son of Berel) Komissaruk52Died in
 Zelman's wife Yechved (daughter of Leib) 60
  His son Leiba30 38Leiba's wife Sora Rasia (daughter of Girsh) 41
      His son Girsh Ber5Died in
      His son Sheftelnewborn 7    His daughter Mnucha 5
  His son Pinchas18 26Pinchas' wife Haya (daughter of Meyer) 24
      His son Zelmannewborn 3   
      His son Meyernewborn ½   
  His son Vulf12 20Vulf's wife Feiga (daughter of Movsha) 18
 19Sheimel (son of Velvel) Levenson32 40Shemel's wife Rasia (daughter of Meyer) 23
  His son Meyernewborn 6   
  His son Aronnewborn 2   
  His son nephew Sroel (son of Itzik) Grinshtein21 29Sroel's wife Hena Dina (daughter of Falk) 22
      His son Tsalelnewborn 5   
 20They came from Plunian      
  Chaim (son of Yevel) Geiman49 57   
  His son Nota34 42Nota's wife Hana (daughter of Yankel) 41
      His son Yevel15 23Yevel's wife Sora (daughter of Meyer) 21
          His daughter Estra 1 ½
      His son Girsha13 21Girsha's wife Hana (daughter of Iser) 21
  His son Mordukh22 30Mordukh's wife Pera (daughter of Azrel) 27
      His son Yevelnewborn 1   
 21They came from Kovno      
  Meyer (son of Girsh) Grodzensky52 60Meyer's wife Asna (daughter of Kopel) 61
  His son Chaim24 32Chaim's wife Freida (daughter of Chaim) 27
      His son Mordukhnewborn 5   
      His son Simonnewborn 2 ½   
  His son Elisha18 26Elisha's wife Mihlia (daughter of Berk) 18
  His son Kopel13 21Kopel's wife Revzia (daughter of Tevel) 18
 22They came from Luknik      
  Leizer (son of Movsha) Shuster29 37Leizer's wife Tauba (daughter of Zusman) 31
  His son Abram Leibanewborn 7    His daughter Sora Rivka 7
  His son Zusmannewborn 5Leizer's sister Freida (daughter of Movsha) 22
  Adopted son Isar (son of Abram) Vilk29 37   
      His son Shmuel Leibnewborn 5Isar's wife Tsirlia (daughter of Fishel) 30
      His son Girshanewborn 2   
  Ovley (son of Meyer) Drei23 31   
 23They came from Rassien      
  Ber (son of Vulf) Levenson41 49Ber's wife Hana (daughter of Berk) 48
  His son Velvel13 21Velvel's wife Rivka (daughter of Ruvin) 20
      His son Gavriilnewborn 3   
  His nephew Girsha (son of Itsik) Grinshtein19 27Girsh's wife Motlia (daughter of Michel) 31
      His son Michelnewborn 7   
 24They came from Shkudvil      
  Michel (son of Leib) Nag34Died in
 Michel's daughter Haya Sora 7
  His son Shmuel8 16   
  Adopted son Movsha (son of Mendel) Karner from Shatel37 45   
      His son Girsha13 21   
      His son Mendel10 18   
  Adopted son Itsek (son of Zvulen) Zaks24Died in
  Adopted son Itsek (son of Leizer) Hlavn38Lost in
 Itsek's wife Estra KunaLost in

      His son Lazer Yefroim18Same     His daughter FrumaSame 
      His son Mendel14Same    
      His nephew Leiba (son of Abram) Kalman22Same[Back in
      His relative David Montvich from Sad (adopted in 1852)58 66David's wife Roha (daughter of Yankel) 38
      His son Itsek (from 1st wife)14 22    His daughter Gisia (from 2nd wife) 14
      His son Elia (from 2nd wife)4 12   
      His son Elianewborn 2   
 25They came from Vid in 1847      
  David (son of Movsha) Borts23 31David's mother Sheina (daughter of Berk) 54
      His son Leizer4 12David's wife Pesia (daughter of Abram) 33
      His son Movshanewborn 6    His daughter Ita 9
      His son Girshanewborn 4   
      His son Irmianewborn ½   
      His brother Berka19 27Berk's wife Tsirlia (daughter of Leib) 24
          His daughter Pesia 3
          His daughter Masia 1
      His brother Sroyel18 26Sroel's wife Gitlia (daughter of Leib) 19
      His brother Chaim9 17David's sister Slavka 16
      His brother Oser7 15David's sister Golda 14
      David's sister Genia 12
 26They came from Dragolia in Kovno Guberniya in 1852      
  Abram (son of Chaim) Rohkovich28 36Abram's wife Estra (daughter of Girsh) 36
      His son Michelnewborn 7    His daughter Sora Mina 5
      Adopted son Movsha (son of Ovsei) Novodvorsky from Grodno58Died in
     His daughter Haya Elka 3
          His son Abram20 28Adopted Abram's wife Feiga (daughter of Chaim) 23
              His son Movshanewborn 2   
          His son Ovley16Died in
          His son Ovley4 12   
 27They came from Kanev uyezd in Kiiv Guberniya in 1847      
  Abram (son of Yankel) Afrin58Died in
      His son Movsha28 26Movsha's daughter Roha 13
          His son Davidnewborn 7   
          His son Sheftel same 6   
          His son Abramsame 3   
      His son Irmia20 28Abram's niece Beilia (daughter of Shmuel) 15
      His son Vulf12 20   
      His son Sinai3 11   
 28They came from Vilno in 1852      
  Hevel (son of Movsha) Yudelson41 49Hevel's wife Liba (daughter of Nohum) 40
      His son Girsha7 15    His daughter Leya 3
      His son Hatskel4 12   
      His brother Berk30 38Brk's wife Estra Leya (daughter of Pinhus) 34
          His son Yuda10 18    His daughter Sora 7
      His brother Gdalya25 33Gdalya's wife Hava (daughter of Leizer) 34
 29They came from Tesha in Kovno Guberniya in 1853      
  Itsek (son of Iruham) Volper34 42Itsek's wife Margolia (daughter of Yesel) 38
      His son Yesel12 20    His daughter Haya 18
      His son Iruhim4 12    His daughter Rehama 15
      His son Girshanewborn 3    His daughter Beilia 6
 30They came from Vitebsk      
  Shmuel (son of Yudel) Bermenson50 58Shmuel's wife Braina (daughter of Leib) 54
      His son Leiba22 30Leiba's wife Rivka (daughter of Abram) 25
          His son Girshanewborn 2    His daughter Liba 6
      His brother Aron30 38Aron's wife Gita (daughter of Nison) 35
          His son Yuda9 17    His daughter Gnesia 7
          His son Ilia4 12   
          His son Davidnewborn 3   
      His brother Ovley17 25Ovley's wife Estra (daughter of Abram) 23
 31Beinus (son of Zelik) Fleileher37 45Beinus' mother Rohlia (daughter of Don) 63
      His son Zelik16Died
 Beinus' wife Sora Leya (daughter of Ziskin) 36
      His son Girsha15 23    His daughter Masia 16
      His son Abram4 12    His daughter Hana 14
      His son Leiba2 10    His daughter Mindlia 9
      His son Sendernewborn 6    His daughter Meriom 2
      His son Izrailsame 4   
      His brother Zalman29 37Zalman's wife Gita (daughter of Sroyel) 28
          His son Vulf5 13    His daughter Zelda 12
      His brother Movsha25 33Movsha's wife Hava (daughter of Mordukh) 28
          His son Zeliknewborn 6    His daughter Hana Leya 7
          His son Nesanelsame 5   
          His son Girshasame 1   
      His brother Chaim20 28Chaim's wife Elka (daughter of Mordukh) 23
          His son Zalmannewborn 7    His daughter Zelda 3
 32They came from Pavlograd in Yekatirinslav Guberniya      
  Yesel (son of Matus) Yugelevich61 69Yesel's wife Ita (daughter of Faivush) 69
      His son Mordukh30 38Mordukh's wife Estra (daughter of Yuda) 35
          His son Vulf8 16   
          His son Faivush5 13   
          His son Isai3 11   
          His son Abramnewborn 5   
      His son Abram24 32   
 33They came from Alexandrov      
  Zavel (son of Yesel) Brodsky24 32Zavel's mother Rohlia (daughter of Samuil) 50
      Zavel's wife Freida (daughter of Ziskin) 29
          His daughter Mariasia 11
          His daughter Eida 9
          His daughter Braina 6
          His daughter Estra Maika 2
          His daughter Rislia 1
      His brother Aron18 16Aron's wife Sora (daughter of Perets) 22
      His brother Chaim16Absent
Back in
Zavel's [Aron's - ?] daughter Mariam 1
      His brother Movsha8Drafted
to army
 34They came from Novomoskovsk      
  Berko (son of Gershk) Lisovsky65 73Berko's wife Estra 58
          His daughter Sora 21
      His son Volka (from 1st wife)47 55Volka's wife Haya 53
          His son Abram31 39    His daughter Estra 27
          His son Ilia24 32    His daughter Elka 23
          His son Gershko21 29   
          His son Gershen17 25Abram's wife Rohlia 30
          His son Moisei14 22    His daughter Hava 11
          His son Leiba12 20   
          His son Zelman8 16Ilia's wife Leya 29
          His son Aron4 12    His daughter Estra 10
      His son Osip (from 2nd wife)36 44Osip's wife Dvera 41
          His son Evna13 21    His daughter Siliha 18
          His son Ilia13 21    His daughter Sheina 13
          His son Berko3 11   
      His son Abram29 37Abram's wife Beilia 29
          His son Zavel5 13   
 35They came from Yekatirinslavl      
  Shmuel (son of Yankel) Sokolov50 58Shmuel's wife Enta (daughter of Movsha) 53
      His son Itsek13 21   
      His son Yankel7 15   
      His nephew Abram (son of Berk) Yankel20 28   
 36They came from Nagaisk in Tavrich Guberniya      
  Boruch (son of Moisei) Mervel53 61Boruch's wife Haya (daughter of Movsha) 60
          His daughter Tauba 11
      His son Arya23 31Arya's wife Eta (daughter of Yesel) 29
          His son Abramnewborn 7    His daughter Sora 6
          His son Itseknewborn 1    His daughter Estra 4
      His son Zelman16 24Zelman's wife Estra (daughter of Noson) 18
          His daughter Hana 1
 37They came from Poltava      
  Leib (son of Yevna) Balabanov50Died in
 Leiba's wife Sora (daughter of Itsek) 58
          His daughter Bliuma 18
      His son Liberg18 26Liberg's wife Eta (daughter of Abram) 25
          His son Leibanewborn 1    His daughter Estra 3
          His daughter Rochlia 2
      His son Mordukh14 22   
      His son Yankel9 17   
 38They came from Zinkov      
  Vulf (son of Samoila) Modiyevsky46 54Vulf's daughter Eta 10
      His son Samoila20 28   
      His son Mordukh18 26   
      His son Mendel16 24   
      His son Yankel11 19   
      His son Izrayel7 15   
      His son Girsha4 12   
 39They came from Malina in Chernigov Guberniya      
  Izrayel (son of Yekel) Tamarin52Died in
      His son Zelman36 44Zelman's wife Malka (daughter of Yevel) 37
          His daughter Cherna (from 2nd wife) 15
          His daughter Vihna (from 2nd wife) 6
          His daughter Linda (from 2nd wife) 4
          His daughter Freida (from 2nd wife) 2
          His son Gershko (from 1st wife)15 23Gershka's wife Riva (daughter of Abram) 22
              His son Izrayel newborn 1   
          His son Movsha (from 1st wife)13 21Movsha's wife Goda (daughter of Berk) 20
          His daughter Sima 1
      His son Berko17Died in
      His son Itska15Drafted
to army
in 1853
 40They came from Zvenigorod in Kiyev Guberniya      
  Volko (son of Zelik) Miropolsky42 50Volko's wife Rohlia (daughter of Shlema) 55
      His son Abram Leiba (from 1st wife)23 31Abram Leiba's wife Haya (daughter of Abram) 31
          His son Zeliknewborn 7    His daughter Dvora  4
          His son Shmuelsame 5   
          His son Ovleysame 1   
      His son Chaim Neveh8 16   
    247 males 203 [204- ?] females

Translated by Joseph Komissarouk, USA

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