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Appendix C

Agricultural Settlement Throughout Russia in 1856


In 1856 there were in:
Kherson District 19 Colonies 1929 families

14,523 people

Yekaterinoslav District

14 Colonies

 427 families

  9,596 people

Southern District total   2,356 families 21,114 people
Podalia 24 settlements 1,263 families 12,668 people
Kiev 45 settlements    528 families   6,835 people
Vohlin 28 settlements    231 families   2,435 people
Minsk   2 settlements      96 families   1,025 people
Vilna 24 settlements    217 families   2,236 people
Grodno 20 settlements    305 families   3.174 people
Vitebsk 33 settlements    130 families   1,139 people
Kovno   8 settlements    110 families   1,708 people
Mohilev (2) settlements    159 families   1,684 people
    3,038 families 32,274 people
All Russia total   5,395 familes 56,393 people

Aside from these, there were hundreds who bought private land in these districts and settled in Tabriya, Bessarabia, Congress Poland and for some reason were not counted and included in the lists. We would not be exaggerating if we estimate there number around 1,600 families (approximately ten thousand people) and if we summarize that at the beginning of the reign of Alexander II (1855-60) Jewish settlements in al of Russia included abut 100 large colonies and 300 small settlements in which about 7,000 families - 66,000 people-lived, out of a total Jewish Population which then numbered three million in Russia (including Poland).

bulletLivne, Zvi. 1965. Jewish Agriculturists on
the Plains of Russia.  Merchavyah, Israel. (Hebrew)

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