Alexandrovskii District


Jewish Colony No. 6




 47' 29" /  36' 44"

Establsihed 1848

(Abandoned in the 1960s)

Khana Gordon

with her grandchildren. She was the wife of her first cousin Yitskhak Gordon of Kolonya Nechaevka (Peness) and Beila Reeva Komisaruk (of Grafskoy) 's sister. The picture was taken about 1925. Khana was probably born in the 1860's. She remained in the Soviet Union.  Two daughters immigrated to Australia. One married Snookkal. Children  were Larry Shnookal and Florence Shnookal. They lived in Melbourne.  Other children remained in the Soviet Union.

Photo Chaim Freedman All rights reserved

Nechaevka after pogrom, 1922.


From the Hebrew Press: ("Extracted and translated from the newspaper copies by Chaim Freedman).

(Hamagid 1858; Jan. 29) 43 families, 339 people.

At the end of 1885 there were 21 families in the colony.

Surnames: Gordon, Shnookal

Sources:RGADA, WWWW, Avotaynu XIII/4/31


Yiskor Book


Jewish Farmers on Russian Fields - Netchayevka: Khaklaim yehudim b'arvot Russia Tzvi Livneh-Lieberman Kibutz Ha'Artzi, Ha'Shomer Ha'Tzair, Merkhavia, Israel

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