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Rotenfeld Family

Yisroel Rotenfeld

Yisroel Rotenfeld was born ca. 1833 in Mogilev, Belarus and moved in 1846 with his parents and sister to Ferter Numer (Mezhirich). He was also later served as a cantor there. He died there in about 1916.

Shleyme Rotenfeld

Photo of Shlomo Rotenfeld (called Shleyme in Yiddish). Born circa 1861 in Ferter Number (Mezhirich) to Yisroel and Malka "Manye" Rotenfeld. After his marriage to Leah-Basia Gordon, he lived in Yuzovka (now Donetsk), then Mariupol, and then in Pologi. He and his wife joined the majority of his children in Erets-Yisroel (Palestine) in 1928. He died in 1942 in Tel-Aviv.

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