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LAVUT (See line 15 of the Romanov signatures for 1843)


My interest is that my Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Rabbi Avraham David Lavut, author of "Shaar Hakolel," "Kav Naki," "Beit Aharon with Additions" etc., worked there prior to becoming the Rabbi of Nikolayev, (Kherson province).


He is mentioned on one of the WebPages that can be searched on your site (http:///kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/Colonies_of_Ukraine/Nikitin.htm) concerning "Jewish Farmers: Historical. Legislative. Administrative, and Conditions of Daily Life in the Colonies from their Origin to the Present. 1807_1887" (Translated by Patricia A. Eames, Editor) the contents of which were first printed in the RAGAS Newsletter of Spring 1999.

“The monograph also includes information about rabbis living in the Cherson colony. Thus, in 1859 Drapkin (Israelevka), Lavut (Romanovka), Slinin (B. And M. Nagartavi) and Sirot (Efengar) were awarded gold and silver medals on the Stanislav ribbon "for a thorough knowledge of religious doctrine and for good character"; and in 1863, rabbis Vunder, Zusman and Cheivits received gold medals (p. 508,537).”

This is confirmed by the late Lubavitcher Rebbe Schneerson in the approbation to 'Kav Naki', Avraham David Lavut’s , book on Gittin (Jewish divorce documents).

"Rabbi Lavut was [first] a rabbi in the settlement of Romanovka.  In 5604 or 5605 (1843 - 1845), the Tzemach Tzedek established a Kolel (a yeshiva for married young men) under the leadership of Rabbi Lavut."


Further down in approbation I found the following quote about Rabbi Avraham David Lavut:

“The Rabbi's reputation in Government circles was of value in his efforts to improve the general well-being of his community. He was able to obtain some relaxation of restrictive regulations and this prevailed for some time, even after his death. His reputation as a scholar and teacher was widespread in the Province and extended as far as the settlement of Romanovka where his son-in law, Rabbi Israel Leib Yanovski was Head of the Talmudic College.”


Also, in The Rebbe’s biography (http://www.chabadcenters.com/scripts/tgij/paper/IndexRebbe.asp?ArticleID=1262) you can find that “The Rebbe's mother: Rebbetzin Chanah was born on 28 Tevet, 5640 (1880) in Romanovka, Kherson province.”  Chanah was the Great, Grand Daughter of Rabbi Avraham David Lavut.


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