Kherson Guberniya

Kherson District





Plyushchevka /

Yefeh Nahar

47 24' / 32 19'


At the end of 1885 there were 87 families in the colony.

Population 3,891

157 km NE of Odessa




JGFF Researchers: Fabian Pitasny - Gutkin, Ptashny;  Benjamin Okner - Brounstein, Rabkin;  Block - Brounstein


My Great Grandparents Chaim Zanvel Ptashny and Chane Rochel Gutkin immigrated to the Jewish Agricultural Colonies in Argentina (Lucienville) in 1893.

Before that, they lived in Efengar, Kherson, a Jewish Agricultural Colony. During the last few years I have gathered some information about Efengar.

I found two interesting passages  about Efengar (in Hebrew Yafe Nahar)  in the Book "Chaklaim Iehudim Bearbot Rusia".

I would like to know where my great grand parents came from before they settled in Efengar. Is it possible to find lists about this.?

I wrote to an archive in ukraine (Dniepropetrovsk) but it seems difficult  to get anything (deposit of money etc.)

Fabian Pitasny



 Website about Efingar colony.


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Research Contact: Chaim Freedman
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