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Kherson Guberniya

Kherson District








47 19' / 32 27'

114 km S of Vinnitsa

North of Odessa

Located SE of Varan


This colony was in two sections: one was settled about 1825 and the other settled about 1865. In 1925 there were 4000 people living in 700 homes.


In 1924 the I.C.A. (Jewish Colonization Association) did considerable work for the colony which had been partially destroyed by the counter-revolutionists Help in 1925 included the plowing of 1500 acres, the building of a new creamery, supplying the colonists with cows and horses, as well as with seeds. In addition to money for needed repairs, in 1925 a well digging project was begun. Before this, the colonists had to travel six miles for water.


Two pogroms took place: In the first, 67 Jews were killed and in the second, 73 Jews were killed.

Population 367

At the end of 1885 there were 102 families in the colony.

From the Hebrew Press:

1912 - Menachem Mendil Pushnitz (born 1871) was rabbi.


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JGFF Reseacher: Alberto Setzer -  Schneider, Setzer, Zetzer,

Translation of names from Dobra colonyAlberto Setzer -  Schneider, Setzer, Zetzer,


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