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Kherson Guberniya

Kherson District


Bobrovii Ku/

Brobrovyy Kut/

Brobrovy Jut/

Bobrovy Kut

47 06' / 32 57'

182 km NE of Odessa



Population 2,288

At the end of 1885 there were 104  families in the colony.


From the Encyclopedia Judaica:

Communal History

A Jewish agricultural settlement in Kherson oblast, Ukraine. It was established it 1807 with private funds and settled by families from the province (guberniya) of Mogilev.

The settlement numbered 86 families in 1810, and 165 in 1815 (416 men and 327 women). Additional families were transferred there in 1825, 1837, and 1841, and the settlement numbered 1,184 in 1849; 1,248 in 1897 and over 2,000 in 1926. Under the Soviet government, Bobrovy Kut was incorporated in the autonomous Jewish district of Kalinindorf and like the other Jewish settlements traversed many vicissitudes. It suffered years of hunger, was changed into a kolkhoz, and underwent "internationalization" (ie: admission of non - Jews). The Jewish settlers were often accused of being "petit - Bourgeois, " nationalists, or Zionists. Many of the younger settlers were arrested and deported, while most of the older ones left. It was completely destroyed during the Nazi occupation and almost all its settlers perished.

Courtesy of:
"Encyclopedia Judaica"
1972, Keter Publishing House Jerusalem Ltd
Jerusalem, Israel

From the Hebrew Press:

Birthplace of Simon Frug 1860-1916 a poet in Russian and yiddish

Sources: WWWW: EJ

JGFF Researchers: Guillermo Chausovsky - Davidovich; Jonathon Podolsky; Sharen Hogarth - Podalsky, Bagus, Ruden?, Marsharsky, Kamut, Rechintsky



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