Chop Holocaust

In early 1941, many of the Jews of Chop were forced into the Hungarian slave labor battalions or sent to the eastern front, where many died.

In April 1944, the day after Passover (Pesach), the remaining Jewish families living in Chop were rounded up and marched to the Ungvár ghetto where they were interned for a month and a half, after which they were forced into cattle cars and transported by train to the Auschwitz concentration camp.

A list from Chop (Csap), dated 4 April 1944, contains the names of 332 Jewish persons.¹ Their names, professions and particulars of birth are also on the list.

The image to the right is that of the Ungvár ghetto memorial in Uzhhorod.

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¹ On 8 April 1944 under No. 2168/1944, Béla NAGYMIHÁLYI (district notary of Csap) submitted to the Ministry of the Interior "one copy each of the lists of names complied by the Jewish communities of Csap, Tiszasalamon and Tiszaásvány." The same lists were sent to the head of the district public administration too. These lists are unique from the historical point of view. These are copies of lists sent to Department VII./res. of the Ministry of the Interior about ghettos and deportations. However, no trace of the lists can be found in the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior so far. Of particular note regarding the ghetto and deportation lists sent to Department VII. of the Ministry of the Interior, the lists usually contained the names of Jews in the slave-labor camps. The importance of this was that when the laborers were returning home or they traveled on the train, they could have been deported immediately. That's one reason why the number of those actually condemned to death is higher than the number of those individuals officially deported.

Source: ¹ Prof. Dr. Ágnes SÁGVÁRI and Holocaust in Carpatho-Ruthenia

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NOTE: Chop was located in the Gendarmerie District VIII (Kassa). Ghettoization of the countryside Jews to the larger towns occurred 16-28 April 1944; deportations to the Auschwitz concentration camp occurred between 15 May and 7 June 1944. Chop was located in the 1944 Kassa list of Death Trains details the number of Jews deported and the stations of departure. (Kassa is present-day Košice, Slovakia.)

~ Chop Holocaust Data ~

Nevek Deportation List

The names below comprise the names of
individuals found in the deportation lists.
Source: The Deportation List database at the Nevek-Klarsfeld web site.

Disclaimer: The following names were found searching the Nevek-Klarsfeld web site for individuals listed as living in or born in Chop (Csap). Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, the list is incomplete.

If your family member is not listed below, see the Yad Vashem Archives - Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names, a more complete database of names.

( * = Not transcribed; -né suffix at the end of a name = Mrs. )

ACKERMANN, Ignac 1919 JAKAB, Davidné 1883 SCHER, Lajos 1900
ACKERMANN, Moric 1917 JAKAB, Gyorgy 1933 SCHER, Miklos 1925
BERGIDA, Andor 1916 JAKAB, Janos 1931 SCHONBRUNN, Agnes 1926
BERKOVICS, Janos 1926 KALMAN, Ella 1917 SCHWARTZ, Izidor 1914
BERKOVICS, Markusz 1903 KELLMANN, Ella 1917 SPIEGEL, Hermann 1903
BONDY, Istvanné 1904 KLEIN, Jozsef 1925 SPITZER, Erzsebet 1926
BRAUN, Borbala 1916 LEBOVICS, Bela 1926 SPITZER, Simonné 1885
EHRMANN, Anna 1924 LEIZEROVITS, Eliz 1919 STERN, Jenoné 1880
EHRMANN, Elizabet 1927 MARMORSTEIN, Andor 1924 SZAMET, Kalmanné 1912
EHRMANN, Magda 1925 SALAMON, Marton 1915 SZEKELY, SZABINA 1900
ENGLANDER, Jeno 1919 SANDOR, * 1909 VENCZEL, Adel 1925
ENGLANDER, Menyhert 1922 SANDOR, Bela 1897 VENCZEL, Iren 1923
FLEISCHMANN, Nandorné 1892 SANDOR, Ilona 1913 VENCZEL, Valeria 1921
FRIEDMANN, Lajos 1927 SANDOR, Vera 1925 WEISZ, Gizella 1918
GELB, Lajos 1919 SCHEER, Hermann 1908 WEISZ, Rezso 1912
GRUNSTEIN, Izrael 1918 SCHEER, Jeno 1905 WOLF, Miklos 1927
HEISLER, Moric 1900 SCHER, Berta 1922 WOLF, Zsigmond 1929
HERSKOVITS, Jeno 1928 SCHER, Berta 1922

~ Chop Holocaust Survivors ~

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