Chabanivka Holocaust

In early 1941, many of the Jews of Chabanivka were forced into the Hungarian slave labor battalions. Around the middle of 1941, the few Jewish families who did not have Hungarian citizenship were deported to nearby Nazi-occupied Ukraine where they were murdered. Others, not registered with the Hungarian authority, were forced to register their families using their mother's maiden name.

In April 1944, the day after Passover (Pesach), the remaining Jewish families living in Chabanivka were rounded up and marched to the Ungvár ghetto where they were interned for a month and a half, after which they were forced into cattle cars and transported by train to the Auschwitz concentration camp. The photograph to the right is that of the Ungvár ghetto memorial.

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Chabanivka was located in the Gendarmerie District VIII (Kassa). Ghettoization of the countryside Jews to the larger towns occurred 16-28 April 1944; deportations to the Auschwitz concentration camp occurred between 15 May and 7 June 1944. The 1944 Kassa list of Death Trains details the number of Jews deported and the stations of departure. (Kassa is present-day Košice, Slovakia.)

~ Chabanivka Jewish Families ~
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As best remembered, following is a partial list of the approximately 30 families that lived in Chabanivka until being marched to the Ungvár ghetto in April 1944, with notations of their fate or their survival, if known.

DISCLAIMER: The spelling of the family and individual names that follow are as best remembered, and in a couple cases, only the number or approximate number of children is stated and their names are not recalled. If you have any additions or corrections for the families listed below, HERE to contact me.

NOTE: Listed alphabetically by family name, then by father's first name.

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~ Chabanivka Holocaust Survivors ~

Below are links to personal stories by survivors of the Holocaust from Chabanivka. If you have a personal story to share by a survivor of the Holocaust from Chabanivka, click HERE to contact me.

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