Borisov: Soldiers killed in WWII
WWII and Soviet Era Records

Borisov resident Alexander Rosenbloom documented the fates of many Jewish residents of Borisov in WWII and afterward and listed them in Russian on his website:

Soldiers from Borisov killed in WWII

Death in the ghetto of Borisov

Borisov Gulag Victims

Anne Bobroff Hajal and Israel Pickholtz translated his lists into English. Below are links to Anne Bobroff Hajal's translations:

Alexander Rosenboom's list of burials in Borisov's Jewish cemetery from 1946 to 1995

Alexander Rosenbloom's list of Borisov Gulag victims

Alexander Rosenbloom's list of Borisov victims of Nazi genocide


Below are Israel Pickholtz's translations:

  • 295 Soldiers from Borisov Killed in WWII

    Notes: The list is in Cyrillic alphabetical order. The names have been transliterated according to the Russian system: For example, BOMSHTEIN and VAINSHTEIN rather than the more familiar BAUMSTEIN and WEINSTEIN. Those marked * were in the resistance, rather than in the army.

    ABEZGAUS, Nison Chaimovich 1911-1942 ABRAMOVITCH, Isaac Evseevitch ?-1944 AZEKO, Isaac Davidovich 1899-1945 EISENDORF, Nema Tanovich 1924-1944 AKSEL, David Yosefovich ?-1945 AKSEL, David Yakovlevich 1921-1943 ALTSCHITZ, Isaac Ilyich 1905-1941 ARONIN, Aaron Yudovich 1914-1941 ARONOV, Wolf Mendelevich 1920-1944 ARONCHIK, Boris Avramovich 1910-1941

    BARSHAI, Efim Grigoryevich 1920-1942 BARSHAI, Zalman Borichovich 1908-1941 BARSHAI, Ruven Grigoryevich 1918-1944 BASKIND, Wolf Gershevich 1907-1941 BEINENSON, Avram Moiseevich 1925-1944 BEINENSON, Alexandr Isaacovich ?-1942 BEINENSON, Aaron Shimovich 1919-1942 BEINENSON, Zalman Osherovitz 1902-1941 BEINENSON, Itcha Grigoryevich 1911-1942 BEINENSON, Leonti Grigoryevich ?-1944 BEINENSON, Matvei Grigoryevich 1925-1943 BEINENSON, Yakov Moiseevich 1922-1943 BELENKI, Evgeni Aronovich 1924-1945 BELYAVIN, Grigori Yakovlevich 1909-1941 BELYAVIN, Yosef Yakovlevich 1904-1941 BERKOVITCH, Wolf Moiseevich 1912-1942 BERKOVITCH, Shaya Yosefovich 1918-1942 * BIRSKY, Yosef Wolfovich 1919-1944 BLANSHTOK, Zalman Yakovlevich ?-1942 BLUMKIN, Isaac Levovich 1924-1943 BOBROV, Semen Kuselevich 1921-1944 BOGDANOVSKI, Yudik Wolfovich 1922-1941 BOMSHTEIN, Yosef Meirovich 1914-1942 BORODULIN, Grigori Yakovlevich 1906-1943 BOTVINNIKOV, Zyama Israelevich 1913-1942 BRONSHTEIN, Chilya Mikhelevich ?-1944

    VAINSHTEIN, Yakov Aronovich 1898-1942 VAICHANSKI, Zalman Moiseevich 1915-1944 VOLSHTEIN, Isai Borisovich 1910-1941 VOLSHTEIN, Mikhail Borisovich 1910-1941

    GANTVARG, Lev 1922-1941 GANTMAN, Lev Vainasovich ?-1944 GEIDENSON, Boris Gertzelevich 1902-1944 GELFMAN, Grigori Efimovich 1911-1941 GERCHIKOV, Chaim Eisikovich ?-1945 GILDENBERG, Chaim Getzelevich 1915-1942 GINSBURG, Girsh Chonovich 1899-1944 GITLIN, Israel Yudovich ?-1941 GLIKMAN, Wolf Avramovich 1920-1945 GLIKMAN, Israel Semenovich 1922-1944 GLUSKIN, Abram Ruvenovich 1911-1942 GOZMAN, Zyama Borisovich 1911-1941 GOLOMSHTOK, Zyama Yakovlevich 1905-1945 GOLDINBERG, Boris Nisonovich 1907-1944 GOLDIN, Wolf Avramovich 1901-1941 GORDON, Israel Giorgievich 1917-1945 GORDON, Israel Moiseevich 1922-1942 GORDON, Samuel Kadishevitz(?) 1914-1941 GORELIK, Izya Abramovich 1926-1945 GORELIK, Saul Moiseevich ?-1941 GRINSHTEIN, Yosef Grigorievich 1910-1944 GUREVITCH, Grigori Zacharovich 1909-1942 GUREVITCH, Efim Semenovich 1916-1941 GUREVITCH, Lazar Tanchelevich 1912-1943 GUREVITCH, Lev Aronovitch ?-1944 GUREVITCH, Chaim Meirovich 1895-1945

    DARDIK, Grigori Chaimovich 1916-1941 DARDIK, Zalman Chaimovich 1920-1942 DARDIK, Irma Chaimovich 1911-1943 DARDIK, Samuel Chaimovich 1917-1941 DVIRMAN, Mikhail Yosefovich 1903-1945 DVORKIN, Mota Semenovich 1908-1941 DVORKIND, Efroim Shayevich 1909-1942 DEILIN, Evel Abelevich 1899-1944 DINABURG, Yakov Isayevich ?-1944 DOBKIN, Semen Grigorievich ?-1944 DOKSHITZKI, Zyama Yakovlevich 1922-1942 DUDOVICH, Abram Yosefovich 1912-1942

    ADELMAN, Aaron Ilyich 1906-1941 ERUSHALEMCHIK, Manuel Yosefovich 1901-1941 ERUSHALEMCHIK, Fayva Yosefovich 1900-1941

    ZARTAISKI, Aaron Gilevich ?-1944 ZACHARIN, Naum Abramovich 1915-1942 ZACHARIN, Shepsel Abramovich 1897-1944 ZELDOVICH, Naum Efimovich 1913-1943 ZILBERMAN, Pavel Yakovlevich 1902-1942 ZINGER, Aaron Davidivich 1928-1944 * ZINGER, Chaim-Wolf Gershevich 1896-1944 ZISSER, Chilel Chaimovich 1914-1942 ZISMAN, Morduch Shlemovich 1919-1943 ZORDIK, Shlema Isakovich 1916-1943

    IZAK, Boris Semenovich 1909-1945 ISAKOV, Samuel Yakovlevich 1906-1944 IOCHIN, Meir Elevich 1910-1941 ITKIN, David Yosefovich 1909-1943 ITKIN, Efim Isakovich ?-1945 ITZIKSON, Lazar Moiseevich 1911-1943

    KAGAN, Grigori Pavlovich 1922-1941 KAGAN, Yosef Abramovich ?-1945 KAGAN, Mikhail Borisovich 1908-1942 KAGAN, Solomon Abramovich 1922-1942 KAGAN, Shaya Eisikovich 1918-1944 KAZHDAN, Benyamin Sholomovich 1902-1944 KAZHDAN, Zavel Yosefovich 1907-1941 KAMENETZKI, Chatcha Morduchovich 1913-1942 KANTOROVITCH, Boris Davidovich 1925-1945 KANTOROVITCH, Naum Abramovich 1917-1943 KAPILEVITCH, Lazar Gertzovich ?-1945 KAPILEVITCH, Leonid Levovich ?-1943 KAPILEVITCH, Movsha Abramovich 1913-1942 KAPKIN, Meir Morduchovich 1913-1944 KAPLAN, David Vigdorovich 1925-1945 KAPLAN, Yakov Borisovich ?-1941 KARASIK, Meir Israelevich 1919-1941 KARP, Shlema Faivishevich 1914-1941 KAUFMAN, Lev Gertzovich ?-1943 KATZ, Yakov Moiseevich 1926-1945 KISHITZER, Isaac Davidovich 1912-1944 KLEBANOV, Grigori Ismailovich 1921-1941 KLEBANOV, Idel Morduchovich 1901-1944 KLEBANOV, Isaac Abramovich 1903-1945 KLEBANOV, Samuel Yosefovich 1902-1944 KLEBANOV, Yakov Chaimovich 1926-1944 KLEZHSKI, Leiba 1906-1942 KLIONSKI, Leiba Yudovich 1906-1942 KOGAN, Yosef Moiseevich ?-1943 KOGAN, Semen Aronovich 1910-1945 KOZHAR, Zalman 1915-1944 KREMER, Isaac Yakovlevich 1922-1941 KRIVOSHEIN, Boris Genrichovich 1917-1942 KROL, Boris Lazarevich 1910-1943 KRIPKIN, Chaim Idelevich 1910-1944 KUPERSHTEIN, Shmerl Israelevich 1900-1944 KUSTEROV, Semen Isaacovich 1924-1942

    LABOK, Aizik Naumovich 1908-1944 LEVANT, Genach Moiseevich 1924-1943 LEVANT, Moise Zelikovich 1898-1943 LEVIN, Abram Markovich LEVIN, Naum Elevich ?-1943 LEVITAN, Abram Mendelevich 1902-1942 LEIKIN, Rafail 1905-1942 LEIKIND, Aaron Davidovich 1904-1944 LEIKIND, Rafail Zyamovich 1900-1944 LEIKIND, Semen Yurevich ?-1944 LEIKIND, Tanchel Faivovich 1923-1942 LEUS, Abram Zusevich 1914-1941 LEUS, Lev Chatzkelevich 1923-1942 * LEUS, Shlema Chatzkelevich ?-1944 LIBENSON, Abram Matveevich 1904-1943 LIBERMAN, Yosef Abramovich 1912-1943 LIBERMAN, Maxim Grigorevich 1922-1943 LIVSHITZ, Pavel Yakimovich ?-1944 LIPKIN, Isaac Leontevich 1914-1941 LIPKIND, Benzion Nesterovich ?-1941 LUSKIN, Boris Tevelevich 1913-1944 LUSKIN, Yosef Wolfovich 1913-1944 LEUCHTER, Moise Mironovich 1912-1944 LIANDRES, Vladimr Zalmanovich 1908-1944

    MAZO, Alexandr Yavovich 1897-1943 MAZO, Ilya Moiseevich 1923-1944 MAZO, Ilya Samoilovich 1915-1943 MAZO, Yakov Isaacovich 1918-1945 MAZUR, Chatzkel 1910-1942 MALKIN, Efim Abramovich 1914-1941 MARGOLIN, Semen Yosefovich 1903-1944 MAS, Daniel Samuilovich 1922-1943 MATLIN, Lev Grigorievich 1905-1943 MATUSEVITCH, Samuel Semenovich 1906-1944 MACHTEIS, Solomon Chaimovich 1901-1944 MASHLAK, Girsh Abramovich 1907-1944 MASHTOLYAR, Isaac 1906-1944 MEBEL, Benyamin Yosefovich 1914-1941 MEZEVETZKI, Faivel Itzkovich 1904-1943 MERKIND, Meir Leibovich 1922-1941 METRIK, Samuel Aronovich ?-1942 MILMAN, Velya Mendelevich 1912-1942 MILMAN, David Isaacovich 1916-1944 MINKOV, Benyamin Morduchovich 1901-1941 MINKOV, Boris Borisovich 1924-1945 MINKOV, Zalman Morduchovich 1904-1941 MIRKIN, Semen Abramovich 1915-1944 MICHLIN, Leib Leibovich 1909-1942 MONTATZKI, Lev Moiseevich1920-1941 MOROZ, Moise Aronovich 1915-1944

    NECHAMKIN, Grigori Isaacovich 1916-1944 NISNEVITCH, Yoesf Grigorevich 1910-1941

    OVERTAS, Naum Yakovlevich 1907-1941

    PEROVITZKI, Chaim Rachmilovich ?-1944 * PECHERSKI, Abram Zalmanovich ?-1941 PLAVNIK, Max Chaimovich 1915-1944 PLAVNIK, Elya Gdalevich 1911-1944 PLIS, David 1922-1941 PLOTKIN, Boris Shayevich 1919-1944 PODNOS, Boris Levovich 1904-1945 PODOKSIK, Yosef Naumovich 1914-1943 PODOKSIK, Matus Berkovich 1914-1944 PODOKSIK, Mikhail Zacharovich ?-1942 PODOKSIK, Fedor Borisovich 1917-1944 PORTNICK, Gdal Evseevich 1921-1944 PUPKIN, Ilya Yosefovich 1905-1944

    RAICHELSON, Abram Teodorovich 1913-1942 RAICHELSHTEIN, Chaim Movshevich 1895-1944 RASKIN, Mikhail Lazarevich 1911-1942 RASKIN, Chema Sholomovich 1909-1942 RIVSHIN, Boris Levovich 1908-1944 RODOV, Samuel Ilyich 1902-1943 ROSENBLOOM, Samuel Shayevich 1902-1944 ROSENBLOOM, Chaim Yosefovich 1919-1941 ROSENMAN, Lev Benyaminovich 1919-1942 ROSEMAN, David Abramovich 1911-1944 ROZOV, Abram Mendelevich 1906-1942 ROZOVSKI, Lazar Naumovich 1898-1943 ROLBIN, Genri Yankelevich 1906-1944 ROLBIN, Isaac Moiseevich 1916-1941 ROCHKIND, Shema Davidovich 1921-1942 RUBINCHIK, Lev Isaacovich 1908-1941 RUBINCHIK, Leonid Markovich 1900-1943 RUBINCHIK, Rubim Isaacovich 1906-1941 RUBINSHTEIN, Victor Chonovich 1916-1941 RUBINSHTEIN, Grigori Chaimovich ?-1944 RUSINOV, Rubim Getzelevich 1917-1941

    SAVULKIN, Israel Yakovlevich 1909-1941 SAVULKIN, Isaac Yakovlevich 1922-1943 SVERDLOV, Yosef Markovich 1903-1942 SVERDLOV, Tzala 1903-1944 SVIDEL, Abram 1895-1941 SEGAL, Lev Mironovich 1906-1943 SIMKIN, Nison Mendelevich 1904-1944 SMUSIN, Ilya Yakovlevich 1926-1944 SOLOVEICHIK, Isaac Moiseevich 1909-1941 SOLYANIK, Yakov Grigorevich 1903-1944 SORKIN, Alexander Zelichovich 1922-1944 STAROZHILETZ, Boris Davidovich 1923-1942 STAROZHILETZ, David Shayevich 1899-1943 SHTRONGIN, Efim Solomonovich 1922-1943

    TAVGER, Chaim 1903-1944 TEISHOV, Zyama Abramovich 1909-1943

    FEIN, Evsei Aronovich 1923-1944 FEIN, Israel Evseevich 1900-1943 FEIGIN, Emanuel Solomonovich 1911-1941 FELIKSON, Isaac Abramovich 1901-1941 FIDLIN, Abram Samuelovich 1908-1943 FIDLIN, Chaim Zalmanovich 1918-1944 FLEITLICH, Grigori Aronovich 1907-1945 FLEITLICH, Nota Yakovlevich 1921(?)-1942 FRAIKIN, Betlan Yosefovich ?-1942 FRIDLAND, Efim Yosefovich ?-1944 FRIDLANDER, Shaya Borisovich 1914-1944 FRIDMAN, Abba Yudovich 1913-1942 FRIDMAN, Aaron Yosefovich 1905-1944 FRIDMAN, Izya Aronovich 1921-1941 FRIDMAN, Yosef Markovich 1906-1944 FRIDMAN, Meir Girshevich 1903-1941 FRIDMAN, Rafael Davidovich 1905-1944 FUNDILER, David Solomonovich 1897-1944 FUNDILER, Evsei Davidovich 1924-1943 FUNDILER, Solomon Davidovich 1922-1943 FUNT, Isaac Wolfovich 1897-1945

    CHAIKIN, Mikhail Levovich ?-1945 CHANIN, Aizik Evseevich ?-1942 CHASIN, Boris 1907-1943 CHEFETZ, Aizik Lazarevich 1919-1941 CHEFETZ, Gilel Naumovich 1904-1941 CHODOS, Yosef Samuilovich 1895-1942 CHURGEL, Efim Yosefovich 1918-1944

    TZEMKOVSKI, Israel Samuilovich ?-1941 TZIPKIN, Yakov Naumovich 1922-1943 TZIPKIN, Max Naumovich 1903-1941 TZOFIN, David Grigorevich 1921-1942

    CHARNO, Evel Morduchovich 1924-1943 CHUCHMAN, Zosyan Zelmanovich 1917-1942

    SHAPIRO, Naum Ilyich 1911-1944 SHVEITZER, Boris Chaimovich 1910-1942 SHEINEMAN, Mikhail Levovich 1910-1942 SHEINEMAN, Mikhail Solomonovich 1925-1944 SHEININ, Tana 1911-1943 SHER, Israel Moiseevich 1903-1944 SHERMAN, Yosef Aronovich 1906-1944 SHERMAN, Lev Mikhailovich 1923-1942 SHECHTMAN, David ?-1941 SHIFRIN, Evsei Mendelevich 1912-1943 SHIFRIN, Zaidenish Mendelevich 1918-1943 SHICHMAN, Moise Ilyich 1906-1942 SHKOLNIKOV, Roman 1922-1942 SHMUKLER, Boris Levovich 1910-1944 * SHTUKMASTER, Grigori 1915-1943 SHUB, Ilya Isaacovich 1904-1944 SHULKIN, Zalman Chaimovich 1905-1944 SHULTZ, Chaim Leibovich 1901-1942 SHUSTER, Moisha Srulevich 1919-1943 *

    EINSHTEIN, Saul Moiseevich 1914-1942 ELKIND, David Sochorovich 1903-1941 ELKIND, Chaim Girshevitz 1903-1944 EPELBAUM, Boris Shmerkovich 1903-1944 EPSHTEIN, Zalman Borichovich 1907-1944 

    Death in Ghetto Borisov

    The following list, of deaths in the ghetto of Borisov, was compiled by Alexandr Rosenbloom of Borisov. The list is in alphabetical order according to the Cyrillic alphabet.

    Those with an asterisk were residents of nearby Zembin.

    Many of the names are nicknames, and the transliterator made no attempt to replace them with standard names - not even in obvious cases such as Yankel=Yakov or Grisha=Grigori. Surnames which appeared in both male and female form, are so indicated by the parenthetic addition of the female form.

    Surnames are written according to the Russian pronunciation. Some first names are adjusted to conform to common pronunciation (ie Samuel or Wolf, rather than Samuil or Vulf). 

    ABEZGAUZ-Girsh*, Leib*, Nechama*, Sonya*, Tanya*,Fala* ABRAMOVITCH-Ginda, Simon, Tsilya, Yuda AVERBACH-Boris, Yasha AVERBUCH-Chaya AVRUTINA-Sima AGRANOV(A)-Samuel, Rachel, Chaya AIZENDORF-Yakov AXEL-Basya*, Sonya*, Chaim* AXELROD-Ginda, Leba, Lida, Moise, Nochim, Riva ALPERIN(A)-Aaron, Lenya, Yasha, Fanya ALPEROVITCH-Dora, Mira, Yankel ALTSCHULER-Boris ALTSCHUL-Grigori, Ida, Itzya, Manya, Maryasya, Sara, Taneh, Tanya,Chaim, Shimsha ALSCHITZ-Pinya ARONIN(A)-Samuel, Masha, Rachel, Slava ARONOV(A)-Mosha, Sochor, Chaya, Chaya-Sara, Chena, Tsilya, Eta ASTRACHAN-Valentina, Gedalya, Srol, Tilya, Tsilya AUSKER-Aaron, Eel, Michel, Mota, Rocha, Shepa ASH-Minya ASHKOVSKI(AYA)-Alya, Rachel, Riva, Zalman

    BALONOVA-Alta, Chasya BARANOVSKI(AYA)-Ida, Esther, Itzya, Osher BARANSKI(AYA)-Belka, Brocha, Esther, Aaron, Boris, Gena, Osher, Chaim, Chatzkel, Yankel BARENBAUM-Chernya, Elik BARK-Wolf BARKAN-Belka, Vichna, Leiba, Maryasya, Mera, Sonya, Chasya, Chaya BASKIND-Brocha, Nyusya BASOK-Mendel, Pesya, Shmunya BATASCHOVA-Clara, Frieda BARCHAN-Sofia BACHRACH-Zalman, Yosef, Mera, Sara BEINENSON-Abram, Aaron, Aaron*, Beilya, Beilya-Tsipa*, Boruch-Itza, Gertzl, Gilya*, Grisha, Dasha, Enta, Zyama, Izya, Isaac, Kusya, Lev, Leib*, Liba*, Liza, Max, Malka*, Manya, Matus, Masha, Meir*, Mota, Nina, Rocha*, Sara, Sara-Basya, Sima, Sofa*, Sosha*, Fruma, Chaim-Dovid, Chana, Chernya, Shaya*, Shevl BELENKI(AYA)-Shifra, Emma, Seva, Yasha BELKIN(A)-David*, Basya*, Manya* BELKIND-Moise, Solomon BELYAVINA-Berta, Dolores, Frieda BENTZMAN-Meitcha BERKOVSKI(AYA)-Ada, Grunya, Mera, Abram, Itzik, Isaac, Mota BLANK-Bluma, Boris BLINKOV(A)-Lyusin, Felix, Yasha, Berta BLOCH-Genach-Leib, Devora, Sara-Beilya, BLUMKIN-Yuda BOBROV(A)-Israel, Chain, Gita, Rochel BOMSHTEIN-Abram, Israel, Leva, Liba, Liza, Manya, Mera, Milya, Rachel, Riva, Sveta, Sofia, Fira, Chaim, Chaya, Elka, Yankel BORODA-Liza, Sara, Sheyna BRODKIN(A)-Grisha, Itzka, Rosya, Sara, Sosya, Fanya, Frosya

    VAINRUB-Grigori VEINOV-Mordecai VERNOV(A)-David, Eva, Maria, Riva, Faina, Chava VETCHEREBINA-Frieda VILENKINA-Tsilya VISHNEV(A)-Gilya, Eva*, Riva VOLMAN-Gisha, Moisha, Rive, Simon, Eshka

    GALPERIN-Gessl GELLERMAN-Zalman, Sara GELFMAN-Maria, Sonia GENIN(A)-Yishaya, Taiba GENKIN-David GENKIND-Aaron, Lyuda, Samuel, Sasha, Chana GERTZIKOV(A)-Boris, Vera, Vita GERTCHIKOV-Moise GERSHINOVITCH-Nechama, Yuda GERSHMAN-Manya* GECHT-Fanya GELLER-Leah GILDENBERG-Rachel GINZBURG-Goda*, Yerucham, Faina* GIRSHINA-Chaya GITLITZ-Abba*, Genya, Chana*, Chaya* GLICKMAN-Chaya GLUSCHETZ-Ginda GLYAICHENGAUZ-Sima* GOBERMAN-Machlya, Frieda GODES-Beilya, Benzion GOLOMSHTOCK-Slava-Elka, Shifra, Yakov GOLUB-Isaac GOLGER-Beilya GOLDBERG-Alik, Vyatsislav, Itzka, Leah, Mairim, Moise, Chava, Chasiva GOLDFARB-Golda, Mota-Chaim GOLNIK-Gisya, Dora,Musya, Chaim GORDON-Aaron, Basya, Zelda*, Kadish, Mosha*, Pirtsa, Rachel, Risha, Sonia, Yuda GORELIK-Sima, Fima, Yakov GORNER-Sofia, Yana* GORFINKEL-Kalman GOFMAN-Riva, Freina GOFSHTEIN-Boris, Dasha, Leva GRAND-Sima GRAFSKAYA-Rosa GRINBERG-Boris, Tamara GRINVALD-Sofia GRINSTEIN-Bada, Beilya, Volodya, Matlya, Riva, rosa GRUBSHTEIN-Meir GUZ-Stella GUZIK-Kalman, Sara GUREVITCH-Genya, Gita, Gnesya, Dora, Yocha, Zyama, Leah, Miryam, Mota, Raisl, Rosa, Sara, Taisa, Fanya, Freida-Chava, Chava, Tsilya, Shloima GUSMAN_Abram GUTMANOVITCH-Girsh*, Yosef*, Leib*, Peisha*, Rocha*, Sara*, Sofa*, Chaya*, Yuda*

    DAVIDOVITCH-Manya DAVIDSON-Lev, Chana DARDIK-Freida, Chaim DVORKIN(A)-Zalman, Isaac, Lazar, Leib, Rika, Fanya, DVORKIND-Abram, Pesya, Rivka, Sima, Shaya DORDIK-Mera DRABKIN(A)-Velvel, Zyama, Gita, Chana DUBERSHTEIN-Esther DUCHAN-Basya


    ZHIDMINA-Yevgeny, Lyubov, Manya, Raisa ZHUKHOVITSKAYA-Ethel ZHIVCHIK-Chatskel

    ZAVOLNER-Girsh*, Devora*, Sima* ZAGALSKAYA-Clara ZAK-Isaac*, Chava* ZALMANSON-Abram, Anna, Ilya ZARTAISKI(AYA)-Genya, Zina, Rosa, Etya, Gena, Gilya, Isaac, Mikhail, Roma ZARCHIN(A)-Lazar, Ginda, Dora, Sonya, Feiga, Chana, Chana*, Elka, Esther* ZASKIND-Chonya ZELDINA-Tamara ZELDOVITCH-Gailya, Leizer ZELKIND-Mulya ZELTSER-Galya, Leizer ZEMTSOV(A)-Mendel, Rosa ZERNITSKI(AYA)-Berta, Dveira, Anatoly ZILBERMAN-Abram, Chana ZISSER-Mema ZISKIND-Fanya, Esther ZLATKIN(A)-David, Leib, Semyen, Dinya, Raya, Sonya ZLOTNIK-Yevgeny ZOLOTOVSKI(AYA)-Yocha, Zina, Itka, Fanya, Fruma, Zelik, Zissel, Yankel

    ISAKOV(A)-Felix, Genya JOFFE-Aaron, Genya, Malka, Moise, Mordecai, Nahum, Chaya-Sara

    KABAKOVA-Gita KAGAN-Abram, Anya, Boris, Vladimir, Wolf, Girsh, Devora, Itska, Pinya, Rachel, Sara, Chana, Esfir KAZHDAN-Leah, Lyusya, Manya, Mendel, Movsha, Moise, Nacha, Rachel, Riva, Chasya, Chaya, Sholom, Elya, Esya KAZINIK-Greinesh, Tsilya, Esfir KAMENEVA-Liba KAMENKOVITCH-Lyunza, Fira, Yakov KANTOR-Lia KANTOROVITCH-Gita KAPILEVITCH-Genya, David, Pinchas, Sonia, Chaim KAPLAN-Anna, Aaron, Beilya, Bela, Berl, Vova, Itska, Leva, Leah, Liza, Lina, Mera, Nisson, Pearl, Rachel, Sonya, Chava, Tsilya KARASIK-Leba KARP-Zelda, Motel KATZ-Alter, Boma, Dinya, Zyama, Meir*, Minya, Sara, Chaya* KATZMAN-Arye, Zlata KATZNELSON_Zina KVORES-Tsipa KIVMAN-Sara KIMMEL-Genach, Malka, Sema, Chaya KLEBANOV(A)-Benya, Berka, Boris, Isaac, Itcha, Leiba, Miron, Nochum, Shaya, Shmuel-Yankel, Berta, Braina, Zelda, Ida, Keilya, Liba, Lisa, Masha, Rachel, Sara, Sofia,Fruma, Chena-Tsiva KLEINMAN-N'sha,Yuda KLEPER-Malka KLIONSKI(AYA)-Basya*, Zlata*, Leah, Masha, Sima*, Chana*, Chasya*, Benya, David*, Leib*, Shefl*, Elya*, Yuda* KOVNER-Isaac KOGAN-Vladimir, Fruma KORMILIN(A)-Monya, Pesya KRAG-Israel KRAMIN-Mordecai, Semyen KRASELSHCHIK-Gisya KRASNER-Chana KRASNIK-Dora KRIVOSHEI-Dinya KROZ-Mosha, Rosa KROLIK-Mera KROLL-Baruch, Semyen KRUPKIN-Ruvim KUGEL-Abram, Yosef KUNIK-Basya KURMAN-Grigori, Mischa, Sara KUSTEROV(A)-Israel, Chema, Devorya, Raya KUSHNER-Sonya

    LAVIT-Leah LAVKER-David, Pesya LAKS-Necha LASKOV(A)-Don, Shleima, Goda, Eva LEVI-Sulya LEVIN(A)-Arye-Lev, Boris, Yosef, Itska*, Mikhail, Mota*, Semyen, Teva, Dusya, Liza, Manya, Michlya, Sara, Fanya, Chaya, Tsiva LEVKOVITCH-Tsipa LEIBOVA-Gita LEIKIN-Monya LEIKIND-Doba, Zina, Ira, Isaac, Itka, Keilya, Mota, Mota*, Reisl, Sara, Faivel, Chaim-Mota, Chaya-Leah, Tsilya, Yankel, Yasha LEKACH-Dora LECHOVITSKI(AYA)-Rasya, Shloima, Ezra LIBENSON-Alya LIBERMAN-Guta, Mendel, Mischa LIBKIND-Rosa LIBOV(A)-Izel, Mischa, Fedor, Lyusya, Mira, Tamara LIVSCHITZ-Aizik, Boris, Yevgeny, Leiba, Mathilda, Nadezhda, Riva, Semyen, Sofia, Esfir, Yakov LIPKINA-Drozna LIPKIND-Leva, Riva LITVIN-Sima LYULOV(A)-Boris, Meisha, Sara, Frieda LURIE-Natan LUBENITSKI-Gilya LIANDRES-Basya, Berta, Mendel, Rasya, Tanya, Fanya, Feiga

    MAGID-Benzion, Frada MAZO-Bela, Gilya, Grigori, Doda, Zinaida, Zyama, Yosef, Lilya, Maksik, Mendel, Mera, Raitse, Sonia, Fira MEISEL-Rachel MALKIND-Abram, Genye, Rosa, Sime, Tanne, Shmuel MARANOVA-Asya MARGOLINA-Shifra MARSHAK-Zinaida MATLIN-Boris, Leva, Mischa MACHLIN-Evel, Zalman, Isroel, Mosha, Samuel MATZ-Elya MERZON-David, Rosa MERKIND-Moise METRIK-Aaron, Boris, Leizer, Lilya, Meyer, Mera, Sara, Tsilya MILLER-Fanya MILMAN-Alta, Dina, Mishara, Mendel, Mota, Samuel MINDLINA-Yevgeny, Lyubov, Raisa MINKOV(A)-Berka, Boruch*, Evsei, Leib*, Moisha*, Mordecai, Chaim, Lena, Lyuba, Raisa Abp., Raisa Benz., Rachel, Rita, Chaya MIRKIN(A)-Shmerl, Gita, Gnesya, Fruma, David MICHANOVSKAYA-Tsilya MISHKIN(A)-Leib, Fruma, Chaya MOLOTCHNIK-Zlata, Malka, Mendel, Itska, Yishaya MOROZOVITCH-Anna MUROVANCHIK-Aaron

    NAERMAN-Olga, Sender NEIMAN-Alta*, Belya, Boruch, Izik, Masha*, Oser*, Rocha*, Sara*, Yankel*, Yankel NECHAMKIN(A)-Aaron*, Mikhail, Lyubov NISNEVITCH-Abram-Gilya, Sofia NOI-Berta, Boris, Wolf, Girsh, Raisa, Rachel, Fanya

    OIZERMAN-Dvosya, Pearl, Simcha OSINOVSKI(AYA)-Rebecca, Rosa, Abrom, Peisha, Yudka OSTROVENETZ-Emma

    PAPERNA-Alik, Girsel, Yonya, Leah, Tanya PARETZKI(AYA)-Zina, Gidya, Grigori PASSAGE-Yanek PEVZNER-Bronya, Garik, Chaya-Rocha, Tsilya, Yasha PERELMAN-Anya, Gita,Dora, Matvei, Semyen, Tanne, Chana PINSKER-Sholom, Esya PINCHASIK-Abram, Yulik PLAVNIK-Gedalya, Chana, PLAKSIN(A)-Abram, Sonya, Chana, Chaya PLOTKINA-Sofia PODMAZA-Roza, rachel PODNOS-Alta*, Brocha*, Gendel*, David*, Dora*, Leib*, Liza*, Mendel*, Chana*, Chaya*, Yakov* PODOKSIK-Wolf, Itcha, Mendel, Riva PODOLNIK-Meyer, Riva PODRABINIK-Seyel POLIAKOV(A)-Yosif, Yosif, Mendel, Moise, Anna, Devora, Malka, Mera*, Riva POTASHNIK-Musya POTASHNIKOV-Vova, David, Yosif, Mulya, Leah PUPKIN-Boris

    RABINOVITCH-Mendel, Riva, Solomon RADASHKEVITCH-Basya, Pesya, Chena RADOVITCH-Anna, Roza RAZINA-Raisa RAINES-Abram*, Genach, Mera*, Moisha*, Roza*, Rocha-Leah*, Tanya*, Fanya*, Riva RAINE-Sofia RASKIN-Nahum RACHELSON-Basya*, Vladimir, Shmuel RAPPAPORT-Zundel, Eta RASKIND-Braina, Gita, Riva, Rocha, Ruva, Chana, Chevel RATNER-Girsh*, Yesel*, Polya* REITZMAN-Zyama, Grigori, Mera, Esya RIVKIN-Samuel, Yuli RIVKIND-David, Raya, Risha, Roza, Semyen, Simon, Shmerl RIVSHINA-Basheva RODOV(A)-Lelik, Faina ROZINA-Shifra ROSENBERG-Tsipora ROSENBLOOM-Alter, Alya, Mira, Mendel, Nacha, Sima, Senya, Chana, Chatcha, Tsala ROSENTHAL-Tsilya ROSENZWEIG-Sara, Tusya ROLBIN(A)-Abrasha, Volodya, Grisha, Melach, Moise, Mota, Nahum, Tolik, Beilya, Bunya, Genya, Dina, Yenta, Yocha, Lyuba, Nechama, Sara, Sonya, Fanya, Fira, Esther ROCHKIND-Tsipa ROCHKIN(A)-Yosif, Braina RUBIN(A)-Moise, Lesya, Lia, Chena RUBINCHIK-Isaac, Lina, Minya, Movsha, Moise, Sima, Sonya, Uzel, Chava, Chasya, Tsipe-Sheine, Shmuel RUBINSHTEIN-Raisa RUDINA-Sara RUDITZKI-Israel RUDNITZKI-Samuel RUM-Lazar RUSINOVA-Alla RIZHIKOV(A)-Abram, Semyen, Chaim, Malka, Fanya RIKLIN-Fima REIS-Aaron, Beilya, Faiva

    SAGALOVITCH-Zalman, Chasya SAMTSEVITCH-Yevgeny, Inna, Lenya SAPOZHINKOVA-Riva SACHRAI-Ilya, Ishe-Farn, Mota SVERDLOV(A)-Yesel*, Elya*, Manya, Nechama SWIDEL-Abram, Anna, Pesya, Sima, Sofia, Chaya SWIDLER-Boris, Doba, Roza SEGAL-Mulya SENDEROVITCH-Gesel SIMELGOR-Moise, Riva, Utchitel* SIMONOVITCH-Lev SIMKHOVITCH-Noik, Tsipa SKALIN(A)-Samuel, Frieda SLAVIN(A)-Chaim*, Basya*, Chaya* SMORODINSKI(AYA)-Alta, Busya, Riva, Abram, Mark SOLOVEI-Boma, Bronya, Keilya, Chaya-Dinya SORKINA-Asya SORSHER-Gershun, Minya SOSINA-Guta, Polya SOPHIN(A)-Yosif, Meyer, Faiva, Lyuba, Sofia, Chasya, Chaya STRELTZIN-Isser STREMBLOVSKI(AYA)-Manya, Peshe, Rachel, Taiba, Fruma, Yudes, Vilya, Max, Seyel, Yakov STRONGIN(A)-Berl, Wolf, Lev, Max, Movsha, Moise, Seyel, Basya, Bela, Dveira, Liba, Olya, Fanya, Chana, Chaya, Esfir STRUGACH-Grisha, Itcha SUKNOVALNIK-Chaya SUPIN(A)-Shaya, Lyuba, Pesya SUTZKVER-Velvel, Leib, Nahum, Roza, Samuel, Sara, Tsipa

    TAVGER-Basya*, David, Mischa*, Nochim, Relya*, Risya, Chaim, Yasha* TAITZ-Basya, Yudif TANNENBAUM-Mordecai TATARSKAYA-Anna TEVELEVITCH-Isaac TRACHTENBERG-Samuel TILIN(A)-Moise, Esfir

    UMANSKI(AYA)-Malka, Leima, Pinya

    FEIN-Abram, Boruch, Boris, Genach, Gershun*, Girsh, Yevel*, Yocha, Israel, Zyama, Nochim, Rachel*, Raya*, Rocha-Leah*, Eidlya, Yankel FEIGIN(A)-Roma, Shleima, Lyoba, Raya, Roza, Feiga FELIKSON-Genya, Kalman, Manya, Nechama, Feiga FELDMAN-Rachmiel, Riva FINKELSHTEIN-Dora, Nota, Nota* FISHKIN(A)-Moise, Liliya FISHKIND-Alta, Boris, Malka, Meishka, Moise, Roza, Samuel, Tanya, Chaya-Sora FLEITLICH-Riva FRAINBERG-Liliya FRIEDBERG-David FRIEDLAND-Arkady, Yelena, Mordecai, Pesya, Sima, Chaim, Shaya FRIEDMAN-Anna, Ablik, Liza, Manya*, Mera, Raya, Sara, Fanya, Faya, Faya*, Fira, Chava*, Shleima FRUMAN-Boris, Solomon FUKSON-Shleima-Chaim FUTTERMAN-Mota, Mota*

    CHAVKINA-Rachel CHAIT-Bluma CHAIKIN-Abram CHAIKIND-Alter CHAITSIN-David CHARIK-Doba*, Zalman*, Mendel*, Mota*, Ruba*, Fanya*, Shulya* CHEIFITZ-Bunya*, David*, Isser, Mota*, Sonya*, Sara-Nisha, Chasya*, Chaya, Esther* CHITRIK-Zelik, Fira CHMELNIK-Zyama, Zisya CHODOS-Samuel, Sara CHODOSEVITCH-chasya*

    TSIMKOVSKI(AYA)-Bela*, Gita, Guta, Manya, Musya, Sara, Chava, Tsilya, Elka, Vova, Genya, Gershun, Israel, Isaac, Samuel, Solomon TSIPKIN(A)-Girsel, Itcha, Sara-Doba, Yudasya TSIRKIN-Moise, Eva, Sara TSIRULNIK-Yosif, Isaac, Manya, Mera ZUKERMAN-Bluma

    TCHERNIN(A)-Bencha, Leib, Gelya TCHERNIKHOVSKAYA-Clara, Sara TCHERYA-Roza TCHUCHMAN-Zalman, Fanya

    SHABAD-Berta SHABSON-Boma, Leonid, Fima, Chaya SHANDALOVA-Berta SHAPIRO-Bunya, Ginda, Simon, Sonya SCHWARTZBERG-Malka, Chana* SCHEINEMAN-Zalman, Roza SCHEITELMAN-Anya SCHER-Mikhail, Musya SHERMAN-Aaron, Dasha, Leba, Paulina, Chena SCHESTKINA-Sara SCHEFTER-Israel SCHECTMAN-David, Lida, Liza, Esther SCHIFRIN(A)-Kusel*, Zina, Rachel*, Sima*, Faina, Chana* SCHKLOVCHIK-Asya SHKLYOT-Roza, Sonya SCHKLIANSKI(AYA)-Mira, Yuda SHKLYAR-Dodya, Zalman SCHKOLNIK-Polya SHLAUS-Boris SCHLENSKAYA-Yulya SCHMIT-Rocha SCHNEIVAS-Riva SHTERN-Basya, Solomon SCHTUKMEISTER-Velya SCHUB-Berl, Genya, Zalman, Mendel, Chana, Elka SCHULMAN-Yevsei, Yosif, Itchara, Lyuba, Mischa, Sima, Chaya, Shifra SCHUSTERMAN-Naftolya SCHUCHMAN-Golda

    EBER-Zalman, Zlata, Emma EDEL-Rebecca EIG-Tsipa EIDELBERG-Raya EIDELMAN-Anya, Bluma, Yevsei, Yefim, Ita, Manya, Raya, Shaya, Emma ELKIND-Aaron, Berta, Boris, Gendel, Doda, Zelda-Liba, Zina*, Nechama, Pia, Rachel, Riva, Roza, Sara-Brocha, Tamara, Chava*, Chana*, Chasya*, Chasya, Chaya*, Elya ELMAN-Leva ELTERMAN-Avreml, Yocha EMILCHIK-Abram, Sara ENTINA-Brocha EPSHTEIN-Nahum, Solomon

    YUDOVIN(A)-Max, Elka-Sara, Zusya

    YAKOBSON-Maryasya, Nahum YANKELEVITCH-Lyuba, Shlema YAROSH-Lyuba

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