Images of Borisov

Alexander Rosenbloom collected early 20th century postcards of Borisov which are displayed on his website. I have copied a few of there hereinbelow. There are five pages of these postcards on the Rosenbloom site.


Unidentified Street Scene


Polynskaya Street in Borisov, during the 1918 German occupation (electrification installed by the Germans). Visible are a pharmacy, hat shop, and mercer (textile dealer).



Borisov market bazaar



General view of the town of Borisov and its pier on the Berezina River



House of Kandrian, a wealthy Swiss barrel-hoop manufacturer who immigrated to Borisov



Victoria Match Factory, one of the big employers in town, owned by Ber Solomonov, one of the richest Jewish merchants in Belarus in the early twentieth century.



Borisov's wine warehouse. The sale of wine was a monopoly held by the Russian Imperial government.

Another nine pages on the Rosenbloom site show old photos of Borisov residents.

Miriam Weiner's  Routes to Roots website includes some images of present day Borisov.

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