Bodrogkeresztúr, Hungary

Photograph courtesy of Rabbi Sholem Lazer Lichtenstein

Are you from Bodrogkeresztúr? 

Do you have relatives from there and/or stories to tell?  Perhaps you have photographs or a Web link? 

Please share, it will make this tribute to Bodrogkeresztúr more complete. 

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Stuart Ungar

No doubt it is exciting for people to begin to discover their roots. It typically starts with a name of a relative, then some dates, occupations and the like. Maybe the challenge is to go as far back as you can. But with individuals, there is only so much that can be found when isolated from the community as a whole.

That is where this Web page comes in. I am by no means an expert on Bodrogkeresztúr (or Kerestir in Yiddish). Simply, my paternal grandfather’s family was from there. I am happy to share what I know -- their story. But I need you to do the same.

It is my hope that through these individual stories -- these threads -- the fabric of life and community back then in Bodrogkeresztúr will begin to emerge.

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