A little about Bodrogkeresztúr

Bodrogkeresztúr is a small town that is named for the river that flows right along the town, called Bodrog.  Mountains are all around the town. It borders Tokaj, which is famous for its wines. The house where the famous Reb. Shayele lived is at 65 Kossuth út. It was remodeled and it is now used for travelers.  Great numbers of people still come, especially on his yahrzeit.  

The first Jews to settle in the town traded agricultural products, including wine.  Bodrogkeresztúr was known for the fairs held there that attracted merchants and artisans from surrounding areas.  During the time of the great Rebbe, many of the Jews were wagoners (they provided transportation to visitors.)  Some opened restaurants.  There was a Jewish-owned quarry that provided stones for houses and work for residents.

The grave of the miraculous rabbi Jesaja Steiner (Reb. Shayele) is on the top of Dereszla hill. The memorial park of the victims of the World War, the holocaust memorial tablet and memorial place and the millecentenary memorial park are next to one another in the main street of the village. A unique attraction is the Hungarian Motorbike Museum.

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Reb Shayele’s House (about 2007)