Bobruisk Ancestors

Moisei Zelikovich / Moses H. Seley

by David Wold

Moses Seley, while he was a student at the medical university in Moscow, likely around 1902

Moscow Goverment
State Archive Administration of Moscow City.
Centreal Histroic Archive of Moscow (CIAM)
15.08.2005 #T978/204

To Director General of Contemporary Educational Programs ltd
M.A. Grafov

In respond to your request we inform you that among the documents of Archive there is information that MOISEI ZELIKOVICH of Jewish creed was born on December 15, 1877 in a town of Bobruisk, Minsk province. His parents were : bourgeois of Bobruisk, Abram Zalmonov Zelikovich and his official wife Sara-El’ka.

Moisei Abramovich Zelikovich in 1896 finished with a gold medal a gymnasium in Slutch (while studying at the gymnasium as a son of poor parents he was waived the tuition fee). At the same year he entered medical faculty of Moscow University and in 1902 graduated from it with a qualification “district medical doctor”.

A certificate of belonging to the first recruiting department of Slutch district, Minsk province contains his description : “2 arshine 3 vershok (abt 155.6cm) high, hairs and eyebrows are black, eyes are brown, nose and mouth are moderate, wih no special signs”. In 1903 Moisei Abramovich Zelikovich lived in the town of Slutck in the Karpman’s house.

Director of the Archives E.G. Boldina (signed)

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