Bobruisk Ancestors

The Starrs and Rabkins

by Richard Glazer

From my mother’s family album, taken in “Starye Doroghi” (near Bobruisk).

Starr Family(Starrobinski), probably taken in the period from 1900-1910.

Rabkin family

Staisha Rabkin Starr(obinski) (4th from the left) and her family in front of their home in “Starye Doroghi”. The time-frame is prior to her marriage to my grandfather in 1901. About 1900.

Staisha Starr(obinski) holding my mother Sarah (born in 1909) in her arms and two of my mother's sisters, Eugenia the oldest child who was born in 1903 and Frances, born in 1905. The photo was taken in 1910 just before my mother left for America with her father. The rest of the family came in 1913 with my grandmother.

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