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Kehila Bil'shivtsi

(Bolshevitz, Bolshovtsy, Bolszowce),


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This site is dedicated to Jewish family history in Bolszowce, a small town formerly in Poland and in the province of Galicia in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Today it is Bil'shivtsi in Ukraine.
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Location: 49º11' N 24º45' E
  • 271 miles WSW of Kyyiv (Kiev)
  • 56.1 miles SE of L'viv (Lvov)
Other Names: Bol'shovtsy [Rus], Bołszowce [Pol], Bolshevitz [Yid], בולשובצה [Heb.],  Bilişăuţi [Rom], Bolsewits, Bolsewitz, Bolshevetz, Bolshovtse, Bolshovtzi, Bil'sivci, Bilsziwci

Background: Bil'shivtsi

Additional Background on the Town Name: By the time Bolszowce was renamed Bolshovtsy after World War II, there were only a handful of Jewish residents left in what once had been a vibrant, albeit small, Kehila. The community supported two synagogues and had access to a post office and railway station. For those who stayed and perished in the Shoah as well as those who left and recreated a Kehila on the Lower East Side of New York and elsewhere, Bolszowce, or Bolshevitz in Yiddish, was the only town they knew.

Towns Within a 20 Mile Radius: Burshtyn [Bursztyn] (8 miles NW), Rohatyn [Rogatin] (17 miles NNW), Ivano-Frankivsk [Stanislawów] (19 miles S), and
Berezhany [Brzeżany] (20 miles NNE)

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