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List and Photos of All Legible Tombstones in the Bielsk Podlaski Cemetery
Image sizes range from approximately 35kb to 95kb.

If you can provide additional information about the cemetery or
translations from the photos presented here please email the coordinator.

Given Name Father's Name Surname Date Repaired 1946-47
Boruch Tzvi Eliyahu Yaacov * Chrabolowski 1932 * yes
Chana Leah Benjamin Getz Chrabolowski yes
Yitzhak Chrabolowski
Yaacov Tzvi Leib 1879
Shifra Aviezer 1882
Avraham Yitzhak Rock 1921 yes
Tzvi Strikowski 1933 yes
Hotel Pusick 1928
David Tzvi Benjamin Pinchik
Leah Yekutiel
Avrum Moshe Aaron Yitzhak
Yaacov Elchanan (Ajzik) Blumenthal 1947
Abraham Lipp 1962
Burkowski 1938
Naum Lew
Burkowski 1939
Holocaust Memorial
Unknown 1
Unknown 2
Unknown 3
Unknown 4
Unknown 5
Cemetery Overview 1 (Shows many surviving graves without legible headstones.)
Cemetery Overview 2
*  information not on tombstone
Contributed and compiled by Mark W. Gordon of Maplewood, NJ from photographs
taken in 1993 by Tomasz Wisniewski, and photos donated by Mindy Crystel Gross,
Brad Gordon and Mark Gordon (not related).
Mark Gordon is researching the Chrabolowski family from Bielsk Podlaski.

Read about the status of the Jewish cemetery in Bielsk Podlaski
written for the International Jewish Cemetery Project.
You will have to scroll down to read the entry for Bielsk Podlaski.

Special thanks to Mark Gordon, Brad Gordon and Mindy Crystel Gross
for contributing their time and photos to this project.

Also visit this web site about the Bielsk Podlaski Jewish Cemetary.

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