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The Mogen David on the cover of this book is welded onto a memorial stone placed in the Lopuchowo forest, the site of three mass graves of Tykocin Jews. The Memorial was dedicated on August 25, 1991. In English, the inscription reads: "There are Jews from Tykocin and its environs resting here who were murdered by the Nazis in August 1941. On 50th anniversary of the Crime. The citizens of Tykocin." 

The author writes: This book is a novel, not an exact documentary, but it is based on real events and real people. Scenes, dialogue, thoughts are however products of the author's imagination, his picture of what it could have been like.

For hundreds of years, Poles and Jews lived side by side in small towns and villages in what the Jews called shtetls. It was a world and a way of life that was destroyed in the Holocaust.

Such a small town was Tykocin in northeast Poland. In August 1941, a German SS troop annihilated the Jewish half of Tykocin's population, 2,100 people. 419 years of Polish-Jewish coexistence ceased forever. It happened as told in Tykocin, a World Destroyed

This book is a story about the friendship between a Polish farmer and a Jewish fishmonger. About their families and everyday life. And about the consequences of their friendship.

Mogens Kjelgaard, born in 1937, is a Swedish journalist living in Warsaw with his wife Helena Rogowicka. Helena grew up on a farm just outside of Tykocin.


by Mogens Kjelgaard

Carl E. Publishing

Kingman, Arizona, USA


ISBN 0-615-13096-8

Available at the Jewish Historical Institute Bookshop in Warsaw 

online at http://www.jewishinstitute.org.pl/en/oferta/oferta/711,711.html

ordering information at http://www.jewishinstitute.org.pl/en/oferta/index/1.html



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