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In Gratitude from a Group of Belchatowers


    We, a group of Belchatowers, that have suffered the whole Hitler hell, lost our dearest and closest, been beaten down, alone and resigned, we, who by dint of a miracle were left alive, being at the threshold of the gas chambers, have in coming to America found our countrymen with open arms.

    We thank the Belchatower Assistance Committee and, separately, Mr. Harry Naparstek and Mrs. Sadie Naparstek (Mrs. Naparstek, although she herself is not from Belchatow, has shown us unheard of warmth).

    We wish them success in their further work!

Wolf Jacobovitch and wife
Yekel Rotstein and wife
Hershke Piotrkowsky and wife
Chana Krizman and wife
Velvel Berkovitch and wife
Mayer Shmulevitch
Zuken Lieberman
Sala Goldbersht
Moshe Peltzman


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