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David Rosen

Vice-President of the United Belchatower Assistance Committee

Remarks About Belchatowers
in Paterson

    The Belchatowers in Paterson [NJ] have always felt themselves to be connected to Belchatow. They have always remembered the shtetl and suffered over the Belchatower problems.

    The ultimate tragedy during the Second World War, when the Nazis brutally tortured and murdered the Belchatower Jews, outraged every Belchatower in Paterson. With baited breath the Patersoner [Belchatowers] followed the events which unfortunately ended so tragically.

    To the assistance of the Belchatower Nazi-sacrifice, Paterson has added her modest share. A small group worked with devotion for the realization of the assistance. The recently departed Sam Haft o"h,* with devotion and self-sacrifice, worked to help the unfortunate Belchatowers. Also Meyer Choinatzky, together with me, has with thoughtfulness carried out the work for the benefit of the unfortunate Belchatowers.

    I express my deepest thanks to the Patersonians who were able, according to their ability, to donate [funds] to help every Belchatower who had the fortune to save himself from Hitler's gas ovens.

                             Vice-President of the United Belchatower Assistance Committee,         

David Rosen.

* oh = olav hashalom (rest in peace)

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