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Other Names:
  Peinmon, Panaman, Panamun, Panamin, Panemon, Panemun, Panemune, Panemune Frentzele, Panemuni, Panemunyje, Panomon, Panyemun, Peinemon, Penemin, Pojnemun, Ponemon, Ponemony, Poniaman, Poniemon, Poniemun, Ponjemon and Ponomin.  See also: JewishGen Locality Page

Location: On the Nieman River, directly across from Kaunas on the southeast.
Modern maps showing PanemunėMapQuest at Latitude 54°51'30'' N, Longitude 23°58'20'' E;    Google Maps;    Bing Maps;
JewishGen Resource Mapping (Click on "+" in the upper left corner until the Panemunė town name appears in the top middle of the view.)  

Panemune in 1991 by Victor Bregstein

Panemunė in September 1993 -- Copyright © 1993 Michele Bregstein.  Permission to print here was granted by the owner in July 2010.

The Town

Panemunė Locations

A History of Panemunė  

Historic Panemunė Maps

Jewish Settlement in Panemunė

20th Century Visits to Panemunė

Panemunė Photographs    

The People

Jewish Families and Individuals in Panemunė 1800-1941 (Updated, 3 Feb 2018)

Life in Panemunė, 1870s (Updated, 1 Feb 2018)

Additional Resources

Panemunė Bibliography

“Aukstoji Panemune” - Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Lithuania
    This site offers a translation of the “Aukstoji Panemune” entry in Pinkas Hakehillot Lita, published by Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, 1996.

JewishGen KehilaLinks: Kaunas, Lithuania

JewishGen Lithuania Database -- A multiple-database search engine, which incorporates databases containing more than two million entries from Lithuania.

The JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF) for Panemune -- A database of ancestral towns and surnames currently being researched by Jewish genealogists worldwide.  

Kaunas Dates and Facts --  a web site by the Kaunas County Public Library.

Kaunas, Lithuania --  a web site by Jose Gutstein.


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