Krasilov, Ukraine
Longitude 49°39' Latitude 26°58'

Alternate names: Krasyliv, Krasiłów
In Russian красилов
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Letter to the descendants of  Krasilov Jews.
Appeal to help preserve the memorials of the Manivtsy mass graves.
Manivtsy 1947 Manivtsy 2013

Dear all,
Several of us discussed the plan to restore the monument in Manevtsy. We need to understand how many people are interested in being involved and how they see the process. Therefore, we prepared this questionnaire (link to questionnaire).
Please, contact me (, if you want this questionnaire in a different language (e.g., Russian, Hebrew), or have any other comments or questions.

Austrian Military Map 1910  
Google Maps
Map of 1799

Krasilov Historical Information Various sources

Krasilov Map and Historical Information
From JewishGen
Krasilov 1850 Revision List and Supplements
All families from 1850 Revision List, and Supplements to the Revision from 1850 - 1856. Main list has 310 families comprised of  1,687 individuals. The supplements add more people - newborns, people missed and missing in the main 1850 Revision.

Krasilov Families about 1900
A table of about 15% of the Jewish residents of Krasilov about 1900

Krasilov Emigrants
List of Krasilov Emigrants - to help find ship manifests

Krasilov Death Records for 1896
Translation of a vital records book of Krasilov deaths  for 1896

Starokonstantinov Emigrants
List of Starokonstatinov Emigrants - to help find ship manifests.

Starokonstantinov Birth Records
Odds and ends of birth records for families living in and around the Starokonstantinov area.

Starokonstantinov Uezd Duma Voters Lists
1906 and 1907 for Krasilov, Kuzmin, Volochisk, Teofipol, Starokonstantinov (Town), Bazaliya, Kulchiny, Kupel, Ozhigovtsy, Rural Uezd and 1912 Starokonstantinov Uezd.

Krasilov and Starokonstatinov Data from Kremenets KehilaLinks web site
Records for people from Krasilov and Starokonstantinov.
Holocaust Documents
Krasilov and Starokonstantinov Ghettos accounts, Eye Witness Statements, Manivtsy and Orlintsy articles, Book of Sorrow (new)

Krasilov Street Map 1941  Supplied by Israel Zak

Krasilov Families Stories & Pictures
  Cosover Family Sandler Steigman Unknown Old
              picture Sheinman Maizlish Preygerzon Bromnick Stories and Pictures

Meema Basia's Story
"MeeMa Basia, Partisan and Hero of the Soviet Union"

Basia's Story Part 2
"Basia Tenzer - Her Victory over Death"

Manivtsy Mass Grave Visit 1947
Picture supplied by Mira Barenfeld Feldman Manivtsy 1947
Krasilov, a Shtetl in Podolia Article written by E. Sheinman for a St. Petersburg Jewish Newspaper (article in Russian) with translation to English of first four paragraphs.

Krasilov History Articles in Yalkut Vohlin
1945 and 1946 articles published in Yalkut Vohlin

Trip to Ukraine Summer 2000

Trip report and phographs by Joan Adler and Bobby Furst. Section about Krasilov.

Krasilov Pictures Summer 2003


Facebook Page - Jewish Krasilov web site mostly in Russian with some articles in English. Site by Nikolay Pekarskiy - Микола Пекарський

Mass grave monuments near Manivtsy. Links to Feb 2013 and Oct 2013 visits. Thanks to Nikolay Pekarskiy. See also Manivtsy 1947

Nathan Gimelfarb web site. Born (in 1924) and raised in Krasilov. Some explanations in English, stories of his life in Russian.

Baron Hirsch Cemetery S.I. New York. Chevra Tifras Israel Anshe Krasilow, Section "B" map of graves.

IAJGS Cemetery Project , Ukraine , Krasilov

JewishGen Home Page

JewishGen Databases

JewishGen Ukraine Database
Some of the databases included are: JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF), JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR), JewishGen Holocaust Database, Vsia Rossiia Business Directories and much more!

JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF)

JewishGen ShtetLinks Directory

JewishGen Ukraine Regional SIG

Jewish Records Indexing Poland (JRI-PL)

JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR)

JewishGen Yizkor Book Project

Yad Vashem and Shoah Victims Database

Memorials for Vanished Communities - Krasilov

Steve Morse web site - Great search engines and help functions

RTR Foundation

RTR Town/Locality/Shtetl Search

Wikipedia - Krasilov/Krasyliv

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