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Alexandrovskii District


Jewish Colony No. 4




47░ 37' /36░ 25'

Mezhirich, 1865.

Mezhirich farm house, 1904.

Established 1845


At the end of 1885 there were 37 families in the colony.

From the Hebrew Press:

Surnames: Rotenfeld, Tsopik

Photographs: Israel and Shleyme Rotenfeld


Sources: WWWW, Avotaynu XIII/4/31


Jewish Settlement of Mezhirech (Evreiskiy Kolonya Mezhirech) - Revision List (May 25, 1858)


Prenumeranten lists have been discovered which include the kolonyas.

While the entire lists merit translation here are some highlights. Theátransliteration maintains the actual Hebrew spelling.

1858 Mezhirech Revision Lists

Mezhirech colonist list (1890)


Mezhirech 1858 Revision lists donated by Michoel Ronn

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