Újfehértó, Hungary

also known as:
Ratzfert (German/Yiddish)

47°48' N / 21°41' E

~ Introduction ~

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Újfehértó   was part of the Kingdom of Hungary (11th century - 1918) with the name of Új-Fehértó   in the Szabolcs megye (county) and today part of Hungary with the name of Újfehértóin the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg megye (county), Észak-alföldi régió (province). Other spellings/names for Újfehértó are Micske and Új fehértó. In Yiddish, Újfehértó was known as Ratzfert  .

Újfehértó is located about 10 miles S of Nyíregyháza, Hungary.

~ Maps ~

Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg megye, Hungary
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1910 Map: Szabolcs megye/Újfehértó (Click map to enlarge it)
1910 Map (Topographical): Szabolcs megye/Újfehértó
Austro-Hungary Military Map: Szabolcs megye/Újfehértó (Click map to enlarge it)
Current Street Map: Újfehértó

~ History ~

Jews settled in Újfehértó early in the 18th century, most trading in farm produce.

The Hasidim of Újfehértó were led by Rabbi Shalom Eliezer HALBERSTAM of Zanz.

In 1870, a Jewish school opened.

In 1877, the population of Újfehértó was 6,997 made up of Hungarians, Rusyns and Jews and comprised the following religions: Roman Catholic (1,695), Greek Orthodox (2,040), Agnostic (109), Reformed (2,480) and Jewish (673).

By 1920, the Jewish population had reached 1,303, 11% of the total population of Újfehértó.

On 17 May 1944, the 400 Jewish families living in Újfehértó were deported to Auschwitz via Nyirjes and Sima.

Source (portions):
The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust, (2001), p. 1357

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