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Херсон, Yкраïна


Kherson Gubernia is located in southern Ukraine. It is straddled by the Dnieper and Dniester Rivers. In 1802, Kherson Gubernia was one of three gubernias that replaced New Russia Gubernia. The following year, the city of Kherson became the capital (1803 - 1922) of the gubernia. Among the major towns in the gubernia are Ananyev, Kherson, Nikolayev, Odessa, and Yelisavetgrad.

The population of Kherson Gubernia grew from 245,000 people in 1812 to more than 3.7 million by 1914. More than half of the 1914 population were Ukrainians, with about twenty-two percent and twelve percent of the remaining population consisting of, respectively, Russians and Jews. By early in the twenty-first century, the Ukrainian proportion of the population increased to more than

three-quarters of the total population; Russians made up an additional twenty percent. In 1926 the city of Kherson population was 58,000, of whom 25% (14,500) were Jews. In 2007, Kherson City had a population of 329,000 people.

The region's economy is based primarily on agriculture. Agriculturally-related industries are flour milling, distilling, and beet-sugar processing. Other industrial sectors are metalworking and iron mining.

The climate is fairly cool. The mean annual temperature ranges from 42.3°F to 59.5°F. Summer temperatures can be in the eighties, with winter temperatures dropping to the twenties. Annual precipitation occurs on more than one-hundred days. The mean annual precipitation is 17.13 inches.

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