Alternate names: Fastov-Фастов [Rus], Fastiv-Фастів [Ukr], Chvostov-כוואסטוב [Yid], Chwastów [Pol], Fastów [Pol], Fastiw [Ger]

50°5′ N, 29°55′ E

Postcard: Fastov Railway Station
Postcard “Greetings from Fastov: Railway Station, Fastov” circa 1900-1903. Fastov railway station - designed by famous architect Valerian Kulikovsky in 1875 - was one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The rail station was completely destroyed during the WWII. Since the old building could not be restored the new rail station was built in 1950s.

This site is a tribute to my ancestors and all Jewish residents who one time lived in the small shtetl of Fastov. I dedicate it to all my people who were brutally murdered during pogroms and Holocaust in Fastov. We do not forget and we are here to remember!

My special thanks go to Vladimir Pluta from Fastov Museum of Regional Studies who kindly provided me photographs for the site and who facilitated my research on Fastov. This project would not have been possible without the support of Vladimir Boroshenko (the author of “And you shall tell it to your son” and an ex-president of Fastov Jewish community) who told me a lot of interesting facts about Jewish life in Fastov. I also would like to thank Ella Shaynfine for providing me information on Fastov Jewish community.

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Fastov, Ukraine
כוואסטוב אוקראינע

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