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Дунаївці, Yкраïна

Dunayivtsi is twenty miles northeast of Kamyanets-Podilskyy

It is located on the Ternavka River, a tributary of the Dniester River

Its map coordinates are 48° 53' north latitude and 26° 51' east longitude.

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Pre-Holocaust Jewish population: 4,478 (68.2% of total pop.)

Name Variants: Dunayevtsy [Russian]; Dunayivtsi [Ukrainian]; Dunaivtsi [Ukrainian];
Dinovitz [Yiddish]; Dunajowce [Polish]

Dinovets appears as a far from insignificant Jewish community of Podolia over several centuries and its former residents continued to remember it even after they moved away. Landsmanschaften, synagogues and burial societies carried its name in communities in New York City, Philadelphia, and Montreal. The Montreal little synagogue called Machziki Hadath at the intersection of DeBullion and Rachel Streets, in a converted house, was remembered as founded by Jews of Dinovets, Kamanets-Podolski, and Proskurov.

Dinovets shows up in memoirs of people from other places as well. The memoir of a Kitaigrod resident Kitaigorod: A Profile of a Jewish Shtetl in the Ukraine which mentions the fame of musicians from Dinovets throughout Podolia was analyzed and translated by Steven Lapidus for his dissertation and is published on our site.

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