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Welcome to the website of the Kehilot of Sofiya and Plovdiv, Bulgaria
"Kehila," plural "Kehilot," refers to a Jewish community (or communities) anywhere in the world.

Sofia Synagogue
Synagogue in Sofia
Image by Marcin Szala, CC-BY-SA-3.0
Bulgaria Map
Map of Bulgaria
Plovdiv Synagogue
Synagogue Entrance in Plovdiv
Courtesy of Yossi Nevo, CC-BY-SA-3.0
Alternate names: Bulgaria [English, Romanian], Bŭlgariya [Bulgaria], Bulgarien [German], Bulgaristan [Turkish], Bułgaria [Polish], Bulgarie [French], Republika Bulgaria, Bălgariia, Bılgariya.

Sofiya's Yiddish name is "Sofiye," Sofiya [Bulg], Sofia [Eng, Fr, Ger, Ital], Sofya [Turk], Sofiye [Yid], Serdica [Lat, Grk], Ulpia-Serdica, Sredets, Sofija.
Sofiya, the largest city in Bulgaria is situated at: 42°41' North 23°19' East.

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Sofia Synagogue
Plovdiv Synagogue
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There is no known Yiddish name for Plovdiv. Alternate names: Plovdiv and Пловдив [Bulg], Filibe [Turk], Philippopoli and ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΎΠΟΛΗ[Grk], Vinipoppolis, Poulpoudeva, Plovdin, Ploudin, Pinople, Philippopolis, Philippopel, Filipopol, Filiba.
Plovdiv, the second-largest city in Bulgaria, is situated at 42° 09' North, 24° 45' East, 82 miles ESE of Sofiya.

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