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Bilohirya, Ukraine

"Lechovitz" (Yiddish)

"Lechowitz", "Lyakhovtsy", "Liachovitz", "Lachowce",  "Lakhovtsy", "Belogor'ye" (Russian)

Lat: 50° 00', Long: 26° 25'

*Note About the Town Name*

Researchers of Bilohiria have significant challenges related to the town name. Jewish residents knew the town as "Lechowitz" or "Lechevitz," but there were other towns with the same or similar names. The larger town of Lechovich  (Lyakovichi) in the Belarus is where most researchers find themselves. In fact, the surname database in the Belarus town contains at least some names of people who were actually from the Lechowitz that is currently within the Ukraine. To add to the confusion, both the old version of the town's name (Lechowitz, Lechevitz, Lyakhovtsy, Lachowce...) and the new version (Bilohiria, Belogor'ye, Belogoria, Bilohiriya...) have multiple spelling variations. You may have to try every variation to find your results. This web page uses the names Bilohirya and Lechowitz, depending on context.


Bilohirya as shown  on Mapquest (choose Khmelnytskyi Oblast)

Bilohirya as shown on Google Maps


  • An excellent resource is this website dedicated to the town of Lechowitz and its Jewish inhabitants
  • JewishGen Communities Page
  • Search JewishGen's “All Ukraine Databases” for Bilohirya. The search is of all of the relevant JewishGen databases — the JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF), JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR), the JewishGen Yizkor Book Necrology Database, etc.

  • List of holocaust victims in the Yad Vashem database for Lyakhovtsy (you may have to search using other spelling variations):
  • Records Index for LYAKHOVICHI BELARUS, (this is a completely different town, but due to the similarity in names, this database lumps in records for Lechowitz/Bilohirya Ukraine)
  • Concordance of Names in the Kremenets area, which contains some listings for Bilohirya

Other Bilohirya Links

  • The Grossman Project web page for Kornitsa [NO LONGER EXISTS] contains valuable information about Lechowitz
  • Article about the settlement of landsmen in the American Midwest
  • Nebraska Jewish Historical Society (NJHS) issue of Summer/Fall 2010 has two excellent articles about Lechowitz

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