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Belozėrka, Ukraine
Bilozirka, Белозирка (Rus), Belozerka (Pol), Białozórka (Pol), Bielozorka (Yiddish),
 ביאלוזורקה, Byalozurka, Belozorka, Bialozerka, Білозірка (Ukr), Bilozirka

49° 46' 04" N,  26° 10' 59" E  (lat long, DMS)

49.768 N, 26.183 E (lat long, decimal degrees)

Google map of Belozėrka, Ukraine

Belozėrka, Ukraine 49.766 N, 26.182 E in a larger map with additional communities.

Physical Geography

Belozėrka is located on the Volhynian-Podolian Plateau, the elevation of the area ranges from 200 to 500 meters (656 to 1,640 feet) above sea level.

Changing Borders Around Belozėrka 

Like much of eastern Europe, the area has been subject to frequent changes in political boundaries. The following table provides information about the countries in which Bėlozerka was located within the past two centuries.

Guberniyas and Oblasts are similar to U.S. states and Canadian provinces.
Currently, there are 25 Oblasts in Ukraine. Uyezds and Raions are similar to U.S. counties or regions.


Gubernia, Oblast or Province
Belozėrka 1991 - Present

Ternopilska Oblast Lanivtsi Raion
Belozėrka 1945
Soviet Union

Białozórka 1930-1939

Wołyn Krzemieniec
Belozirka c.1900, 1914
Russian Empire

Belozirka 1849
Russian Empire

1545-1793 Poland
Rzeczpospolita Polska
Wołyń Krzemieniec

Nearby Communities

Click here for a list of communities, both small and large, in the vicinity of Belozėrka.


Click here to download a current map (pdf file) of the western Ukraine and surrounding countries.

Click here to see additional maps of the area.

People of  Belozėrka

A biography of Eliahu Goldenberg, who lived in Belozėrka for part of his life.
Used with permission of Ellen Stepak.

After Emigration
Graves of people who came to the United States from Belozėrka

Emigration and Immigration

Using existing databases to identify immigrants from Belozėrka is a challenge because of the other places with the same name (including one in the Kiev Gubernia).  Additional information about immigrants from Belozėrka will be added in the near future.


Jewish Population before the Holocaust (1921):  1,869 (39% of town population)

Jewish Communities destroyed in the Holocaust (see BIALOZORKA)

Lanowce: Memorial Book of the Martyrs of Lanowce Who Perished During the Holocaust (Lanivtsi, Ukraine)
For specific references to Belozėrka (Bielozurka), click here.

Mass Grave and Holocaust Memorial in Lanivtsi
A memorial to Lanivtsi area Jews (includes those from Belozėrka) who were killed in August 1942.


When using the links below, remember that there are other towns in Poland and Russia with the same name.

Make sure that the information you find refers to the shtetl you are researching.  Confirm with the district and gubernia -- and latitude and longitude coordinates, if provided.

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Encyclopedia of Jewish Life. (2001). p.138: "Bialozorka."

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Ukraine. An Illustrated History. 2005. Paul Robert Magocsi.

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