Up until 2019, Phyllis Kramer (OBM) developed and maintained this KahilaLink. Phyllis did a wonderful job documenting and sharing information about this shtetl. Starting in July 2021 Jeff Alexander is trying to fill Phyllis’s shoes. 

For questions or comments, please contact for Jeff Alexander

Genealogy in Zmigród Nowy

Documents Available in Zmigród Nowy

The following Books are available in the AP of Skolyszyn as of March 1998:

  1. (A) Book of Births, severely damaged during WWI in 1915 Years: 1866-1876 APSkolyszyn
  2. (B) Original Jewish Book of Births for Zmigród Years: 1877-1889 AP Skolyszyn

The following books are available in the USC of Nowy Zmigród as of March 1998:

  1. (C) Duplicates of the Jewish Book of Births for Zmigród.Yrs: 1874, 1876, 1892-93, 1895-96, 1898, 1937-40 USC Nowy Zmigród
  2. (D) Birth Records Vol. II of the years 1914-1942 USC Nowy Zmigród
  3. (E) Duplicates of the Jewish Book of Births for Zmigród Yrs: 1874-76, 1892-96, 1897, 1898-1933, 1934-6 USC Nowy Zmigród
  4. (M) Duplicates of the Jewish Book of Marriages for ZmigródYears: 1888, 1891, 1893-95, 1897-1901, 1903, 1905-07,1909-11, 1914, 1919-36 USC Nowy Zmigród
  5. (Z) Duplicates of the Jewish Book of Deaths for Zmigród Years: 1905, 1909-1936
  6. Reconstructed death records of Halbów victims (07.07.1942) USC Nowy Zmigród

For the neighboring shtetl of Bukowsko, we have been advised that there are Kahal records in the Przemysl archives.

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Zmigród Societies in New York

There were two major phases of emigration to the United States, and two major Zmigród landsmanshaften. The first group came from 1890 to 1910, the second group after 1930. The first group were mostly concerned about establishing their roots, bringing over their families, and becoming acclimatized to life here. The second group had the added incentive to escape the Holocaust, and remember those who were lost.

  1. Benjamin Zev Society from Zmigród
    In NYC we located the incorporation papers of the "Chebrah Benjamin Zev Anschai Zmigród (Society Benjamin Zev of the People of Zmigród), founded April 18, 1893. The following are the details of incorporation and the founding officers.

    The particular business and objects of said Society are, to improve the spiritual, mental and social condition of its members; in case of death of a member or any one of his family, to bury such deceased person according to the rites of Orthodox Judaism; and to do, act and perform such other charitable acts and purposes as may be specified in the Constitution and By Laws. The seven directors of the society, named in the incorporation papers were:

    The five men who signed the incorporation papers were: Louis Stein, Solomon Schwinger, Moses Nebel, David Beck, and Mayer Fink

    I do not believe that this society is still in existence. We do know that the congregation worshipped at 53 Columbia Street in New York City's lower east side. However, we have found two cemetery plots they owned, which, from the incorporation papers, was a prime purpose for Landsmanshaften. The first is at New Montefiore Cemetery on Long Island, and the second at Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn.

    The following is an alphabetical list of names of those who are buried at New Montefiore

  2. The Zmigród Ahavath Achim Society: There is a small Landsmanshaften organization, created between the wars, that is still active in the New York area, although the members Zmigród Landsmanshaften are few and live in many different states. Originally the Zmigród Ahavath Achim Society met monthly in a synagogue on Manhattans' East Side. Past Officers included Jakob Leibner, Joseph Leitner, Aron Rosner, Morris J. Miller, Leo Rosner, Isaac Kolber, David Malz, Jacob Kaufman and Joseph Findling, among others.

    The Landsmanshaften maintains gravesites in Washington cemetery in Dean, NJ, where they have erected a monument memorializing those lost in the Holocaust. They are also responsible for the monument at Halbów outside of Zmigród. Among the surnames inscribed on the memorial stones are: Bobker, Braunfeld, Eisenberg, Erreich, Feierstein, Feryszka, Findling, Fischer, Gelb, Getz, Getzler, Goldfarb, Greber, Gross, Grosshaus, Hiller, Hirshel, Hollander, Hruszowska, Hruszowski, Isaac, Kalb, Kalb, Kanner, Kaufman, Krebs, Laks, Lang, Leibner, Leitner, Lempel, Malz, Mehl, Melder, Miller, Ochwet, Pfeffer, Postrong, Rab, Rosenhan, Rosner, Rothenberg, Schips, Spatz, Spira, Stecher, Steinkoler, Teller, Tier, Trachman, Ungerfeld, Walter, Webster, Weinstein, Weintraub and Weiss

    The Zmigroder Chevra Kadusha Society: in Mt. Hebron Cemetery. Recently the Mt. Hebron cemetery has posted a full listing of gravesites; the following names come from the Zmigroder Chevra Kadusha::

    ASHER, EVA Location: 53-11-F-2-3 DATE OF DEATH:8/4/1974 Born: 7/5/1882, Zmigrod
    ASHER, HENRY Location: 53-11-F-2-2 DATE OF DEATH:12/30/1939 Born: 4/7/1877, Sukos,Galicia
    BISGAER, SOLOMON Location: 53-11-F-3-6 DATE OF DEATH:11/7/1942
    FERBER, ANNA Location: 53-11-F-1-5 DATE OF DEATH:10/7/1937
    FERBER, DAVID Location: 53-11-F-1-6 DATE OF DEATH:7/31/1947
    FEUERSTEIN, JACOB Location: 53-11-F-5-6 DATE OF DEATH:1/8/1992
    FEUERSTEIN, MINNIE Location: 53-11-F-5-5 DATE OF DEATH:10/15/1982
    HAMMER, SOLOMON Location: 53-11-F-1-2 DATE OF DEATH:3/15/1928
    KIMIS, JACOB Location: 53-11-F-1-1 DATE OF DEATH:10/13/1925
    LANG, TILLIE Location: 53-11-F-4-5 DATE OF DEATH:3/25/1962
    LANG, MAX Location: 53-11-F-3-6/7 DATE OF DEATH:10/5/1958
    LANG, NATHAN Location: 53-11-F-4-6 DATE OF DEATH:10/21/1957
    LANG, ROSE Location: 53-11-F-3-5/6 DATE OF DEATH:7/17/1950
    RESSLER, LEA Location: 53-11-F-2-7 DATE OF DEATH:9/19/1941
    RESSLER, SAMUEL Location: 53-11-F-1-4 DATE OF DEATH:6/29/1931
    RESSLER, HARRY Location: 53-11-F-1-3 DATE OF DEATH:8/30/1955
    SIPERSTEIN, DONALD Location: 53-11-F-5-3 DATE OF DEATH:11/3/2003
    STEBER, ISADORE Location: 53-11-F-6-3 DATE OF DEATH:7/24/1971 born circa 1897, Zmigrod
    STEBER, HAROLD Location: 53-11-F-7-3 DATE OF DEATH:2/22/1969 born circa 1899, Zmigrod
    STEBER, PHILIP Location: 53-11-F-4-2 DATE OF DEATH:10/27/1988 born circa
    STEBER, NETTIE Location: 53-11-F-7-2 DATE OF DEATH:4/13/1989 wife of Harold born c 1890
    STEBER, ROSE Location: 53-11-F-6-2 DATE OF DEATH:2/19/1983 wife of Isadore; born circa 1897
    STEBER, TOBYE Location: 53-11-F-4-3 DATE OF DEATH:2/18/1973

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Business Directories & Immigrants via Ellis Island

There are 3 business directories that we have had access to:

  1. The 1891 Galician Business Directory (from JewishGen's all-Poland Database)
  2. The 1907-1913 Galicia and Bukovina Business Directory (from http://genealogyindexer.org/directories...on the right)
  3. The 1926 Polish Business Directory (Zmigród Nowy was described as a small city with 1959 inhabitants, 18 km from Jaslo, with rail lines, 1 Catholic School, 1 Synagogue)

And, thanks to Stephen Morse's wonderful Ellis Island Front End, where one can query the Hebrew immigrants by town, I have assembled a list of over 350 Hebrew immigrants that probably came from Zmigrod. There were thousands of other Hebrew immigrants from Zmigrod, at different times, and to different ports of entry; and many names may not appear if the passenger list did not contain "Zmigrod" and "Hebrew" recognizable to the interpreter. (It is fascinating to observe the different spellings of the town and the surnames.

If you wish to look further, it is relatively easy to query Ellis Island passengers, but I suggest you use the Steve Morse’s query at www.jewishgen.org/databases/EIDB . Here are the steps:

. Happy hunting!

The following table alphabetically lists the surnames and where they appear:
Surname, First Name or Initial Business Directory/Trade or Last Residence, Nationality, Year of Emigration, Age
Armstein,baruch Emigrated in 1909 grad,galice 40y +chaim 37y +Regina 39y +joseph 3y +asher 7y
Arnstein, M.Nathan 1907 Galician Business Directory-Auskunftsbur. U. Weinh
Baugrand, H 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Beer, F 1926-Blawaty (tissus-fabric/material):
Beer, F 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Berger, Osias 1907 Galician Business Directory- Eierh.
Berger Jacob, Emigrated in 1910 fmigrod 32y
Berger, H 1926- Zelazne wyroby (quincailliers-iron mongers/hardware dealers)
Berger,R 1926- Wyszynk trunków (spiritueux-liquor/spirits)
Bergman,fauba Emigrated 11/26/1920 22y furkow ss kroonland to bil abraham bergman, 615 morris ave, nyc
Birnbach, Ch 1926- Skory (cuirs-leathers)
Birnbach, M 1926- Obuwie (chaussures-shoes)
Blank, Joseph Emigrated in 1910 waligrad 28y
Bobber, J 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Bobker, A 1926-Czapnicy (fabr de casquettes-mfgrs of caps)
Brenner,David Emigrated in 1909 zmigrod 38yr SS Graf Walderzee, in zinigrod, wife Lina Brenner; to bil Chaim Grindberg, 94 Sheriff St, NYC, with Israel Seiden
Brucha, MJ 1926- Krawcy (tailleurs-tailors)
Bruder,Hersch 17y Emigrated from Myscowa, 8/25/1913 from Bremen, salesman; father Yisrael Bruder, Myscowa to uncle Samuel Bruder Park St, Orange NY (NJ?)
Buchsbaum, O 1926-Cegicinte (abriqueteries-brickyards):
Buchsbaum, O 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Buchsbaum, Oz 1926-Wódki fabryk. (fabr d'eau-de-vie-brandy mfgr)
Cell, Henze emigrated Jan 1902 SS Weimar from Bremen 17yrs(b1885), to sister Flora Cell, % Heller, 121 Pitt St, NYC
Degon, S 1926- Skory (cuirs-leathers)
Deutschman,hene Emigrated in 1911- finigrad,galicia 60
Diamant Est 1926- Zelazo (fers-irons/hardware)
Dobres, Samuel 1907 Galician Business Directory- Lederh (Hosiery)
Eichner, S 1926- Rzeznicy (bouchers-butcher)
Eichner, Wolf emigrated 6/18/1899 from Rotterdam, at 14yr (b1885) to father S.Eichner, 197 Stanton St
Eisenberg,Eisig Arrived from Hamburg 5/16/1909 SS Cleveland, peddler, to friend Louis Lapidis, 76 Eldridge St, NYC, leaving father Scheine? Eisenberg in Zmigrod
Eisenberg, I 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Ekiert, J 1926- Wyszynk trunków (spiritueux-liquor/spirits)
Engel, J; 1926-Blawaty (tissus-fabric/material):
Engel, Mark 1926- Zboze (grains)
Engelhard, M 1926- Skory (cuirs-leathers)
Engelhardt M; 1926-Blawaty (tissus-fabric/material):
Erbstein,nachman Emigrated in 1905 25y +leie 18y
Feder,S 1926- Rzeznicy (bouchers-butcher)
Feibel,hermann Emigrated in 1912 17y, also 1910 at 14y, dressmaker, leaving father Nathan Feibel in Zmigrod, to cousin Meyer Cohn, DeKalb Ave, Bklyn NY
Feier,rubeka Emigrated OCt 28,1911 from Hamburg SS Kaiserin A.Victoria, 40y born 1871 Lemburg, to husband Abraham Feier, 312 Lip or Sip Ave, Jersey City,NJ +isaac 3y +leie 3y9m +taube 7y +moses 9y; leaving BIL Mendel Kunzer? in Zmigrod
Feldstein, A 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Feldstein, A 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Feldstein,israel Emigrated in 1910 - zinigrod, belgium 18y-18s (1892)-3/21/10 lapland from antwerp, to friend b feuer, 43 spring st, nyc
Ferber,ryfka Emigrated in 1905 imigrod 25y +jacob 4y
Feund,osias (probably Freund) Emigrated in 1903 45y +alte?Jetes female 1903 45y +baruch6 +samuel 8 to son adolf freund 34 columbia St
Findling, Eis; 1926- Ubrania gotowe (vetements-clothing)
Finch,Saloman Emigrated in august 1913 from Hamburg, 19yrs, clerk to friend Goldberg, 254 Delancy St, NYC, leaving father Michel ZInch
Fink,geni Emigrated in 1911 finigrad 26y
Frachman, L 1926- Krawcy (tailleurs-tailors)
Frachman,leib Emigrated from tenigrod 1907 15y
Frennd,burek Emigrated from ..nigrad,austria 1911 17y
Friedman, H 1891- Galanterie (costume jewelry)
Friedman,chana Emigrated from zungrod sept 1,1903 SS Pottsdam from Rotterday; 34y +frime 3y +zofia 6m to husband Ta? Friedman, 84 Belmont Ave,Newark NJ
Fruhling,Misket Emigrated from zunigrod Jan 17, 1907 SS KAC, Hamburg, 20y, dressmaker to bil Isak Leibowitz, 76 Broome St, NYC
Geldseiler,Sisal Emigrated from zonigrod on SS Spaarndam from Boulougne SurMer, sept 26, 1900 50yr, with Gitel and Lije (male)6 to Husgand H.Geldseiler 163 prince st, newark NJ
Geller,Abraham Emigrated from zunigrod May 29,1912, 19y, painter, to uncle Morik? Landsman, 183 1/2 Louis St, NYC, leaving father Benjamin Geller
Geller,benjamin Emigrated from zunigrod 1921 54y +rosa 1921 18y
Getzler,moses Emigrated from zinigrod 1907 18y
Gotz,O 1926- Jaja-handel (oeufs-eggs)
Gotzler, Alter 1907 Galician Business Directory- Manufaktur u. Modewh (manufacture of Materials?)
Gotzler, H 1926- Wyszynk trunków (spiritueux-liquor/spirits)
Gross, Mechel 1926- Zelazne wyroby (quincailliers-iron mongers/hardware dealers)
Gross, S 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Gross, Viet. 1891- Eierhandler (iron)
Gross,benjamen Emigrated from lmigrad 1903 29y +schaji 16y
Gross,hendel Emigrated from zimigrod Sept 5,1903 SS La Touraine from LeHarve, 15y to brother Josef Gross % Mrs Feller, 27 Louis St,NYC
Gross,pobe Emigrated from finigrad 1912 18y
Gross,S 1926- Jaja-handel (oeufs-eggs)
Grossfeld, J 1926-Adwokaci (avocats-lawyers):
Guzik,gusta Emigrated 1913, 16y
Guzik,Mechal Emigrated May 6,1914 SS Seydlitz from Bremen; living in Zmigrod, 42years +fanni 42y +adolph 22+mariem 11y born Pilzno, to daughter Guzik 350E3,NYC, leaving father ch.Guzik in Kor?nbroc?ia
Herz, D 1891- Hotel
Hirschfeld, Eitla 1907 Galician Business Directory-Guesthouse
Hirschfeld,helene Emigrated from zruigrod 1909 20y
Just, Ch 1926- Skory (cuirs-leathers)
Kalb,brandl Emigrated from zmigrod 1903 13y
Kalb,david Emigrated from zucigrod 1909 42y
Kalb, Bina, 43y (b 1866) Emigrated from smikrud nov 20,1909 42y +Gitla 18y dressmaker +Gela 16,student +Estera 11 SS President Grant from Trieste to Husband David Kalb, 194 Rivington St.NYC; leaving DIL Esther Stein in Zmigrod; with Gitla Cell 52,housewife to son Harry Bruder,249 Somerset st, (was 199 French St) New Brunswick, NJ, leaving daughter Rahela Wildstein in Yaslo
Kaufmann, S 1926- Rzeznicy (bouchers-butcher)
Kaufmann, Simon arrived 6/12/1909 on SS Amerika from Hamburg to bil scheije Reich, 257 Stanton St,NYC 18y, father Israel Kaufman in Zmigrod
Kaufmann,chiyechial Emigrated from zmizgrod 1912 18y
Kaufmann,simon Emigrated from zmygrod 1909 18y
Kegel,mendel Emigrated from smagrad1904 20y
Keller, J 1926-Blawaty (tissus-fabric/material):
Kessler, Ch 1926-Blawaty (tissus-fabric/material):
Kessler, Ch 1926- Ubrania gotowe (vetements-clothing)
Kessler,gittel Emigrated from swigrod 1907 17y
Kirschner,David Emigrated from zonigrod april 12,1904 ss phoenicia from Hamburg 14y to mother Chane Kirschner, 105 attorney st, NYC
Klein, Chune 1891- lederhandler, propinationspachter
Klein,issel Emigrated from..nigrod 1913 26y
Knobel,debora 1921 30y +adolph 8y
Kohn, J & Kohn, M 1926-Blawaty (tissus-fabric/material):
Kohn,jossel Emigrated from jungrod,gal, Rotterdam, April 29,1912 19y to bil M? Schwartzberg, 493 9th ave, NYC, tailor, leaving father Chaim Kohn in Zmigrod
Kohn,moses Emigrated from zmigrod SS Pennsylvania from Hamburg dec 16,1910 20y to bil Max Schwartzberg 493 9th ave, NYC
Kohn,Pepi Emigrated from zmigrod SS Noordland from Hamburg sept 19,1900 19y to brother S.Kohn in NY
Kopa,jan Emigrated from zungrod,aus 1911 23y
Kostman,Jacob Emigrated from Zmigrod dec 13,1999 from antwerp 45y, butcher, to bil david reinberg, NY
Kratzer,Mendel Emigrated from zmigrod SS Westernland from Antwerp Feb 2 1900 17y single,tailor to bil Samuel Lissar,NY
Kranz,emilie Emigrated from imigrod 1907 29y +leon 29y
Krebs, Chaskel 1907 Galician Business Directory- Furniture? (mehlh. En gros)
Krebs, F 1926- Skory (cuirs-leathers)
Krebs, I 1926- Zboze (grains)
Krebs, I & Krebs,Ch 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Kriel M 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Krill,..te Emigrated from zmygrod 1911 18y
Krischner,david Emigrated from zonigrod in 1904 14y
Lachs, F 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Lahner,Mendel Emigrated from smigrod Nov 23,1902 16y,merchant to mother D.Lahner, 69 Willet St, NY
Laks,feize rosa Emigrated from linigrod 1912 20y
Lang,Isak Emigrated from zunigrod dec 20,1910, ss amerika, hamburg,to friend joseph gelb, 186 Rivington st, nyc, leaving wife Yenta in Zmigrod
Lang, J 1926- Krawcy (tailleurs-tailors)
Lang, P 1926- Piekarze (boulangers-bakers)
Lang, S 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Lang,Lauder Emigrated from zimgrod 1910 17y---3/21/10 lapland from antwerp, to uncle samuel lang, 152 gorick
Lang,Nathan Emigrated from zmigrod 14y 1/10/05 SS Gerty from Ttriest Austrian,Hebrew, to brother S Lang 350 3 St NYC
Lang,Nute Emigrated at17,7/9/06 SS Umbria from Liverpool
Lehrmann, Leon 1926-Leharze Dentysci (medecin dentistes):
Leiden,Israel Emigrated from Zmigrod march 19,1909 SS Graf Walderzee from Hamburg 37y to bil chaim grindberg, 94 sheriff st, NYC
Leiser, P 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Lembig, W 1926- Rzeznicy (bouchers-butcher)
Liskier,Adele Emigrated from Zungrod 1903 19y
Malz, A 1926- Rzeznicy (bouchers-butcher)
Malz,Sala Emigrated from Zmigrod May 27,1921 20y born Matopolska to bil nathan epstein, 1331 orviugare st, Chicago,Ill
Marchomann,Chaim Emigrated from Zmigrod may 7,1912 from Cuxhaven 28y born Zmigrod to uncle Jacob Marchoman, 453 orange st, newark NJ
Markovitz,Chana Emigrated from Zmigrod,gal 1921 17y
Mehler (index incorrect, name is Stecher),Bernard Emigrated from Zungrod SS GEorge Washington from Bremen aug 29,1909 17y grocer to bil Blose Fier, 24 main st, bklyn NY, father Leib Stecher in Zmigrod; notification of natn 2-193855
Mehr,Leige Emigrated from Jinigrod 1906 15y seamstress to Berl Mehr, 53 broome st, nyc
Melamet, S 1926-Blacharzy (ferblantiers-tinsmiths)
Melamet, S 1926-Blacharzy (ferblantiers-tinsmiths)
Metzer,Itte Emigrated from zurnigrod sept 12,1892on SS Stubbenhuk from hamburg 54y to uncle Jacob Fedor 112 Thompson St NYC
Mohr,Chaim Emigrated from zunigrod july 8 1915 on SS Batavia from hamburg 16y to uncle Jacob Fedor 112 Thompson St NYC
nebbel, Chaje Emigrated from zimgrod nov 22 1899 on SS Kensington from antwerp 17 or 20y to sister Leih Nebel,NY +sister Henze 15y to sister Chaje Nebel, NY
Nebenzahl, H 1926- Krawcy (tailleurs-tailors)
Nessle,Malke Emigrated from farnegrod 1921 50y +mirla 19y +mozko 15y
Neuman, N 1926- Krawcy (tailleurs-tailors)
Ochwet, L 1926-Blawaty (tissus-fabric/material):
Ochwet, Lazar 1907 Galician Business Directory- Manufaktur u. Modewh (manufacture of Materials?)
Octwet, L 1907 Galician Business Directory- Tailor
Ochwet, L 1926- Krawcy (tailleurs-tailors)
Pacher,Salomon Emigrated from Emigrod 49y +feige47y +naftuli 12y +sara 7 +wolf 15-- SS Kroonland 11/26/1920 to bil Abr Geiger, 5173 Ave C,Bayonne
Pacher,Schloime Emigrated from Tenigrod 1907 15y
P?eller,Neche Emigrated from zmigrod dec 28,1900 on SS Oldenberg from bremen 20y to father, NY
Pfeffer, S 1926-Blacharzy (ferblantiers-tinsmiths)
Pfeffer,Hermann Emigrated from Harnograd 1907 37y
Pietk,Samuel Emigrated from Zungrad 1906 24y
Piperberg, Moses 1907 Galician Business Directory- Wood and Boards
Piperberg,Moise Emigrated from Zmigrod 1921 45y +beile 25y
Platner,Lina Emigrated from Zungrod june18,1913 SS Imperator from Cuxhaven 26y to husband Sam Platner, 132 Louis St,NYC
Postrang,Bine Emigrated from zmigrod june 14,1893 on SS Wieland from hamburg 6y +Marjine 9y+sore 15yall female +Axel Wildstein 19 from jaslo
Rab, J 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Rachmann,Franz Emigrated from Zmigrod 1903 19y
Raff,jacob Wolf Emigrated 36y, watchmaker, to brother Max Raff born bukowsko, SS Samland july 28 1922 from Danzig,leaving wife Jette Raff in smigrod pow.jaslo (Malopolska)
Reichman,Helene 31yr Emigrated from Zmigrod nov 18,1904 +cilly 10y +babeth 8y +samuel 7y to husband Ignath Reichmann, 118 cannon st, NYC, ss cassell from bremen
Riemer, S 1926- Wyszynk trunków (spiritueux-liquor/spirits)
Rein,Leibish 47y Emigrated from zmigrod jan 27 1906 on SS Campania from Liverpool merchant/tailor to son Josel/sosel Rosner, 240 Rivington St,NYC
Ringenberg, Stan 1926-Wódki fabryk. (fabr d'eau-de-vie-brandy mfgr)
Rosdeitscher,Schimen 35y Emigrated from zmegrod,galicy aug 30,1906 from Bremen, merchant to brother Bezel Rosdeitcher, 495 E22, bayonne, NJ
Rosenberg, L 1926- Krawcy (tailleurs-tailors)
Rosenkan,Sara Emigrated from zwigrod 1907 16y
Rosner, M 1926- Krawcy (tailleurs-tailors)
Rottenberg, M 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Rottenberg, M 1926- Zboze (grains)
Rottenberg, S 1926-Blawaty (tissus-fabric/material):
Schachner,Perl Emigrated from dzwinogrod,aus 1911 18y
Schachter,Baruch Emigrated from baligrod,gal 1911 19y
Schachter,Lina Emigrated from swinigrod +lina 1905 11m
Schanbach,Anna Emigrated from zinigrod 1914 18y
Scherer 1926- Skory (cuirs-leathers)
Scherer,Sarah Emigrated from inngrad,austria 1913 17y (born1896) kaiser aug vict 12/2/1913 to brother oscar? Scherer 73w24 bayonne
Schloss, L 1926- Krawcy (tailleurs-tailors)
Schloss, Sch 1926-Kuchenne Naczynia (articles de cuisine-cooking articles):
Schmier,Mechel Emigrated from schmigrod march 11,1900 18y, hatmaker, to brother Jacob Schmier, 3 clinton? st, NYC
Schmier, Aron Emigrated from smigrod july 5,1909; SSnieuw amsterdam, rotterdam to brother Max Shapiro, bayonne, NJ
Schmiel,Israel Emigrated from zwinagrad,austria 1913 20y
Schonwetter, Salomon 1907 Galician Business Directory-Hotel
Schonwetter, H and S 1926- Wyszynk trunków (spiritueux-liquor/spirits)
Schonwetter, Henr 1926-Hotele (hotels):
Schreiber,Dora Emigrated from zmigrod,galicia 1912 20y SS KAC, from bremen to brother Max Schreiber 5063 Ave D, NYC, % Sarah Denner (aunt)
Schreiber,Rachela 61y Emigrated from schmikront feb 1,1921 SS Rousillon, from Le harve, france to son max schreiber, 1557 sterling place, brooklyn,ny (dr certfied senility); leaving cousin Simon Feyr in Schmyront
Schuhmann,Schubin 44y born Isiek Emigrated from zmygrod,austria may 9,1909 ss amerika from hamburg; +gittel 9y +moishe 5, +ettie 17 nationalized 8/15/32NY, +schewa 11y +pinchus 7y to son chaim schumann 15E4th st, NYC, leaving father Mechel Schumann in Isiek
Seff (Leff?),Hitzel 16yr Emigrated from zmigrod,galicia aug 3 1903 SS Moltke from hamburg to uncle shie? nehel, 64 sheriff? st, nyc
Segner, D 1891- Maachinenhandler
Seiden, Israel Emigrated from zmigrod 3/19/09, 37years old, with david brenner, leaving wife Chaje, to bil Chaim Grindberg
Silber,Ruchel 16yr Emigrated from zymgrod jan 6,1907 ss patricia from hamburg, maidservant, to uncle wolf bobker,90 pitt st,ny
Skwirut, M 1926- Rzeznicy (bouchers-butcher)
Spencer, L 1926-Obuwie (chaussures-shoes)
Sperling,Berish Emigrated from imigrod 1905 19y
Sperling,Herman 17yr Emigrated from imigrod august 20,1907,SS Kaiser W.d.Grosser,bremen, tailor to uncle moritz landsman, 41 essex st, nyc
Sperling,Naphtuli (not Mafbali) 18yr Emigrated from Zmigrod sept 9,1911, SS Kaiser W.d.Grosser,bremen, tailor to uncle harry sperling, 1?12 1/2 lewis st, nyc, father Chaskel Sperling,Zmigrod
Spielvogel,Isak Emigrated from winogrod 1907 21y +samuel 24y
Spielvogel,Scheincz Emigrated 1913 30y
Spria, M 1926-Czapnicy (fabr de casquettes-mfgrs of caps)
Springer, Moses 1891- kurz und schnittwaaren (Knitware?), Manufacturwaarenhandler (textiles)
Springer,Isak 17yr Emigrated from zmigrod nov25,1909 ss hannover from bremen to friend S.Reis, 85 attorney,NYC
Stecher, abraham 20yr(1887) SS KAC from Hamburg aug 31 1907; hater, born Rymanow to cousin Liber Walter,220 delancy st,NYC; father hirsch stecher in zinigrod
Stecher, Eisek 18yr SS Brandenberg from bremen may 21 1907; to sister Gossi Stecher, 69 ?,NYC
Stecher, Israel 1907 Galician Business Directory-Eisenwh (Iron Store?)
Stecher, Leibish 60yr e from Cherbourg 1/22/21 SS Saturnia ; widower, 5?7" blue eyes; merchant, polish, l. zinigrod (Zmigrod?); born zmigrea. visit Cohain, Bernard Stecher, 706 Arch St., Philadelphia
Stecher,L 1926- Jaja-handel (oeufs-eggs)
Stern,Regina Emigrated from zmigrod 1905 22y +golda 2y
Stertzer,Henie Emigrated from zwingrad 1910 17y
Stocker, G 1891- Naptha-destillation
Strenger, B. 1907 Galician Business Directory-Guesthouse
Strenger, Berisch 1907 Galician Business Directory- Eisenwh (Iron Store?)
Strenger,Brandel 34yr from Smigrudt, july 2,1921 The France from Le Harve,France to husband S Strenger 132 columbia,NYC, born Serdisoi Slovakia, children born Znigrute +Abraham9,feischel 8, Feiga 22 dressmaker, brother Abram Nussbaum at Tarnoff
Taenzer,Genia Emigrated from znigrod 1921 16y to sister Bertha Roeb cincinnati,ohio
Trochman,Sara 20yr (born 1891) Emigrated from zinigrod feb 26,1911 to bil samuel ginsberg, 324 18th st NYC, father Simon Findling, zmigrod widow?
Tust (Just?),Rosa Emigrated from lanigrod 1906 18y
Tust (Just?),Sara Emigrated from hmigrod 1913 18y
Ureich,Bornhard Emigrated from z...grod,austria 1913 26y
Wahl, O 1926-Blacharzy (ferblantiers-tinsmiths)
Wallach,Ruchel Emigrated from zenigrod 1906 17y
Wallach,Abisch 43yr Emigrated from zmigrod aug 25,1913 SS Prinz F.Wilhelm from Bremen; merchant; wife rivka in zmigrod to son david wallach, 30 babel st, brooklyn NJ; also came in 1909
Walter,Abraham Emigrated from zmigrad july 19,1907 The Deutschlandfrom Hamburg 16y (b1881) 7/19/07 ss deutschland from hamburg; line29 to heyman (chaim?) Stecher,220 delancy st, friend; father Hersch Walter, Zmigrod
Walter,Alte Emigrated from Fenigrod 23y-tailor 11/9/06 SS Penna. from Hamburg.blind in left eye, to uncle Samuel Lang, 350 E 3 NYC
Weinberg, M; 1926- Skory (cuirs-leathers)
Weinberger, Markus 1907 Galician Business Directory- Propinationspachter
Weinberger, M 1926- Wyszynk trunków (spiritueux-liquor/spirits)
Weingarten, Lipa 1907 Galician Business Directory- Gemischtwh
Weinstein, H 1926- Piekarze (boulangers-bakers)
Weinstein,Abish Emigrated from stary zuigrod 1912 47y
Weinstein,Laf Emigrated from zunigrod 1914 17y
Winter,Dora Emigrated from z...grad,austria 1909 17y
Winter,Ida 19y Emigrated from zmigrod SS Vaderland nov 18 1902 from antwerp to brother mecher winter, %Moses Teller, 33 ?cannon st, NYC
Wohlmuth, W 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Zanger, M & Zanger,S 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Zanger, S 1926- Wyszynk trunków (spiritueux-liquor/spirits)
Ziegler N. 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Ziegler, Nuchim 1907 Galician Business Directory-Gemischtwh
Zimet, J.A 1926- Rozne towary (art.divers-variety goods)
Zimet, M 1926- Zelazo (fers-irons/hardware)
Zimet, Fischel 1907 Galician Business Directory- Haute u. Felleh
Zimmer, A 1926- Skory (cuirs-leathers)
Zinn, P 1907 Galician Business Directory- Shoemaker

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" Materials in the Polish State Archives in Przemysl Relating to Lemkos"

This article has many references to available historical materials. It was written by Zdzislaw Konieczny, edited by Paul J. Best of the Carpatho-Russyn Studies Group, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven Connecticut.. Some exerpts follow:

The State Archive in Przemysl .....only after the end of World War II (in the year 1951) was it made over into the "Provincial State Archive of Rzeszow with its seat in Przemysl"..... in 1975 the archive's out-reach territory was enlarged to cover the area of the newly formed Przemysl province......The majority of archival materials have many gaps in chronology due to losses during World War II but nevertheless these materials are extremely valuable for research into the history of Southeast Poland and the national minorities living there........ County government documents from these counties....... are preserved in the Przemysl archive. These are the records of the Austrian regime in the counties of Gorlice (1901-1918), Jaslo (1853-1918), Sanok (1873-1918); from inter-war Poland: Gorlice (1918-1939), Jaslo (1918-1939), and Sanok (1918-1939), and from the Nazi occupied Sanok County (Der Kreis Hauptmann-Sanok) from the years 1939-1944.

The records of the County Governments...... contain internal administrative records.....Noteworthy source material is found in notary records.......... which refer to the territory inhabited......These materials include those of the city of Biecz (1927-1934), Dukla (1924-1934), Gorlice (1922-1950), Krosno (1928-1934), Rymanow (1928-1933) and Sanok (1900-1934)....... rich sources for research in many areas, for example: economic history, demography and ethnography. These records are firstly connected with sale of movable and immovable property...... small farms and farming......... agreements with companies and social organizations of economic or a social-cultural nature...... last wills and testaments, protection for children, inheritance of property, traditional dowries for sons and daughters......

Court records of County Courts from Dukla (1919-1937) and Krosno (1898-1938), and the City Courts of Sanok (1870-1936) and Zmigród (1884-1947) are available........concerning inheritance and recognition of personal ownership, regulation of property rights, and mortgages......

........ the church registry books from the following Greek-Catholic parishes [and affiliated sub-parishes]: Besko (1784-1853), Cisna (1784-1883), Gladyazow (1776-1845), Grab (1914-1931), Jawornik (1842-1866), Karlikow (1784-1850), Komancza (1764-1938), Krolik Woloski (1928), Lipowiec (1770-1859), Lukawe (1784-1852), Lupkow (1784-1872), Nowosielce-Gniewosz (1777-1943), Olchowie (1785-1856), Plonna (1784-1888), Szczawne (1913-1944), Szklary (1930-1942), Turzanski (1784-1896), Uscie Ruskie (1821-1852), Wislok Wielki (1784-1867), Wola Nizna (1784-1863), Wolkowyja (1784-1855)........A large group of materials consist of copies of church record books from the deaneries of Dukla, Dynow, Gorlice, Grybow, Muszyna, Rymanow and Sanok. This collection is a valuable resource for studies concerning religious and nationality .......

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Phyllis Kramer: Genealogy

Leib Stecher

Great Grandfather: LEIB STECHER (b~1858)

married Golda Trachman circa 1879 in Zmigród. When the shittach was made, Leib said he wouldn't marry till he saw the bride; it was arranged for him to ride his horse by the garden where Golda was. Leib came to the US for a visit in 1921, but left because it was not religious enough for him. He is listed in the 1926 and 1930 Polish business directories under JaJa-handel (oeufs). Leib had two houses one of which was a shop (gevelb), mostly for grains, where he bartered with local farmers. Leib remarried a redhead around 1910 (after Golda died) but they had no children.

Great Grandmother was GOLDA TRACHMAN STECHER

Her parents were Herschel and Leah (Leie) Trachman, from Zmigród. Her siblings were Morris born 1865, Schmiel 1866, Sarah 1868, Jenny, Fanny 1860 and Lillie. (Details below)

Leib and Golda Stecher had 14 children:

Leib Stecher had a brother Hersch Stecher from the Zmigród area who married Pesche SCHUSS (the Schuss family was from nearby Dukla): Herris and his wife emigrated to NYC, eventually settling in Newark NJ. They had 9 children: Samuel, born 6/3/86 (married Martha Rosenbaum); Herman (born before 1890, was in the reconditioned motors business in Philadelphia), Hana born 10/6/97 (died young), Nathan born 9/26/88, Rose born 1885 (died young), Minnie born 8/27/95(married Max Shalet), Bertha born 2/2/81 (married Isidor Weiner), Salia/Sadie born 6/17/82 (married Samuel Ruskin), Jennie born 7/25/90 (married Jacob Rusinow). I have contacted over 15 of Hersch's descendents.

Judith Stecher, Leibs' older sister, married Mendel Deutschman in Zmigród. They had 5 children, Rifka (born 9/25/1867), Schmeil "Sam" (born 1/15/70, married Sophie Hochner), Ben (born 1879 married Maisminal Korn), Majer (born 11/12/88), Tcheite (born 6/21/81, married Sell). Sam and Ben settled in Easton, Pa.

Golda Trachman's siblings emigrated to the US and settled in Chicago and Joliet, Illinois: Morris Isser Trachman (1865-1932), Sam Trachman (4/69-6/43), Sarah Trachman (10/69-5/34, married Samuel Kroon), Yetta Trachman (married Aaron Schacker), Jenny Trachman (married Herbst and Wolf), and Lillie Trachman (married Rauce). A cousin, Fanny Just, married Jacob Teitelbaum (a butcher from Rzeszow), and settled on the lower east side. Other Trachman cousins from Dukla emigrated to NYC and included Esther Trachman (born 1876, married Abe Geiger), Jacob Trachman (1867-1938, married Leah and Hanna Solomon, was a grocer), Fichu Trachman (married Pacher of the Brooklyn supermarkets).........

For more information, there's a detailed family history at http://KehilaLinks.jewishgen.org/krosno/kramer.htm or email Jeff Alexander

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Debbie Raff, Genealogy

Surnames: MEISNER / KATZ /RAFF / SICHERMAN/ MEISNER/ KATZ / FISH / GRUNSPANN / GREENSPAN / EICHNER / ZWICK / HILLER from Zmigród Nowy / Bukowsko / Dukla / Dynow / Korczyna, Poland Raff family

Great-Great Grandparents: Aron and Itte KATZ, who were day laborers in Korczyna. They had at least one child. Her name was Chaje (Chaya) Sara and she was my great-grandmother.

The Raffs: (standing) Ida Raff Frankel (my aunt), Isaac Raff (my uncle), with Yetta Meisner Raff (my grandmother) holding Israel "James" Raff (my wonderful dad!)

Great Grandparents: Chaje (Chaya) Sara KATZ marries Israel MEISNER. Israel MEISNER is a shochet and mohel.

The photo at the left is Debbie's great grandfather, Yisroel Meisner meisner His name is listed in the Zmigród Nowy Birth Records, as a mohel for over 2 decades. His son, Lipa, appears to take over this occupation and is also listed in the records as a mohel. Chaje Sara and Israel have 10 children, including one set of twins.

  1. Benjamin Wolf marries Jetti "Yetta" KATZ and they have 2 children, Celia and Aaron "Al".
  2. Ester marries Naftali Hersch HILLER and they have 2 children, Abraham Aron and Izrael.
  3. Lipa (born 15 August 1871; marries twice - 1st wife Rajsel and 2nd wife Sara GALLER); Lipa becomes a mohel.
  4. Ides (born 12 October 1876) marries Abraham Rafael GREENSPAN and they have one child Chaim "Harry". Harry (1896-1973) is raised by his grandparents upon the death of his mother, Ideas. He marries Minnie GELLER and they have one daughter, Edith.
  5. Chajem (born 26 May 1879/died 28 October 1880)
  6. Yitela "Yetta" (born 8 September 1880 / died 20 September 1962 ) marries Jacob Zev "Wolf" RAFF, a watchmaker from Bukowsko. They live in Zmigród Nowy and have 3 children (Ida, Ike, and Israel "James"). James was my father. He was surprised to find out that his mother had been a twin.
  7. Cyrel (born 8 September 1880)
  8. Samuel (born 28 July 1883/died 29 March 1883)
  9. Rachel (born 15 August 1885)
  10. Reisel (born 8 June 1889)

Grandparents: Yittela "Yetta" MEISNER (1880-1962) marries Jakob Zev"Wolf" RAFF (born 21 August 1886/died 17 January 1982), the son of Yehoshua (Osias) RAFF and Necha SICHERMAN. An Osias RAFF (watchmaker) is listed in the "1891 Galician Business Directory". "Wolf" immigrates to New York (USA) in 1922 and is followed in 1928 by his wife, "Yetta" and their 3 children. "Wolf" owns a small jewelry store on the Lower East Side of NY for over 50 years and becomes an active member of the Brezower Landsmanshaft. The children are:

James was my wonderful dad. He moved from Poland to New York at the tender age of 6. He served in the U.S. Army in WWII, was an active member of the Jewish War Veterans and a volunteer coordinator for his local police department, until his recent death. He practiced his Yiddish by translating some stories from the Sanok Yizkor Book for JewishGen. My uncles and my father worked in the jewelry business, which seems to go back at least 3 generations in my family. James, Miriam and their 2 daughters, Deborah "Debbie" (that's me) and Nedda moved to California in 1959.

The Records of the nearby town of Dukla mention the surname MEISNER many times. I do not know my connection to those families at this time.

For More Information, email Debbie Raff, Calif.

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Maralyn Steeg, Genealogy

When I started to research my paternal grandmother's ancestral roots, I didn't think that I would find much information. Over the ensuing years, as time permitted and with the help of many wonderful people, an extended family tree has been compiled from bits and pieces of information unearthed here in the United States, in European archives and, most recently, in Israel. Since genealogy research is a never-ending project, it is safe to assume that more names and dates will be added to the family tree in the years to come.

Although I have not yet been lucky enough to find documents relating directly Steins to my grandmother, Annie FACHER STERNBERG, records have been found relating to most, if not all, of her brothers and sisters and some of their descendants. The photograph at the right shows Annie and Sam STERNBERG, with their first son Theodore, taken around 1912.

Meetings with two delightful gentlemen, Max Findling and Nathan Laks, who came from Zmigród, helped to establish some family interconnections and add to my knowledge of the town. My very special thanks to Nathan and his wife, Eva, for finding my cousin David (HABER) NEWMAN alive and well in Israel and for relinking our long-separated family. (Web editor's note: Maralyn is off to Israel April of 2000, to meet her newly found cousin). A chance encounter at the 19th Annual Jewish Genealogy Conference in New York City (August 1999), connected the HABERS to the KOLBERS and added another branch to the tree. Who knows what the next discovery will be!

In Zmigród and Dukla, and most likely in many shtetls throughout Europe, certain families tended to intermarry. Both my grandmother's brother (David) and sister (Masche) married children of Leib HABER. And, both Leib Haber and his brother, Ben Zion, married sisters, Pajna NEUMANN and Chaja Laje NEUMAN, respectively. These interconnections can be seen in the maralyn unknown accompanying family trees which trace four generations of my family's roots in an area of Poland that was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire when my grandmother and her brother, David, emigrated to the United States in the early years of the 20th century.

The photograph at the left are descendants of the Haber-Facher family, but no one in the family can identify the faces. There are no names or dates on the back, but there is a stamp that indicates that the picture was taken in Jaslo. If you can identify the people in this photograph, please contact me.

For more information, email Maralyn Steeg, White Plains, NY, maralyn@westnet.com For the details of the family tree, please go to Maralyn Steeg's Family Tree

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Fred van Vliet, The Netherlands, Genealogy

My family came from Zmigród Nowy near Jaslo. My father Saloman was born in Dukla, my mother Rachel in Brody, about  The Schachners 100-km east from Przemysl. Two uncles were born in Zmigród and one of them, Moritz Schachner, gave the Jewish community in Zmigród money to built a new roof on the synagogue in Zmigród. What I want to know is: did my father had brothers or sisters??

For more information, email Alfred Van Vliet, The Netherlands

Editor's Note July2009: A new resource opened from the University of Vienna. The website is entitled "Memorial Book for the Victims of National Socialism at the University of Vienna in 1938. At this website (http://gedenkbuch.univie.ac.at/index.php?id=433&L=2) one can search over 2000 students who were expelled, by surname or town. I found the following:
Hermann Schachner
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine
Category: expelled student
Hermann SCHACHNER, born on February 22nd, 1918 in Esch/Luxemburg (entitled residency ('heimatberechtigt') for Zmigrod/Poland, Citizenship: Poland), son of Selig Schachner(merchant), lived in Wien 5, Fendigasse 9/9, was enrolled finally in the fall term 1937/38 at the Medical School in the 2nd year of his studies (fall term 1937/38 was validated on February 1st, 1938).

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William Leibner

Surnames: Leibner, Teller, Goodman, Tzimet, Gross, Findling, Klein, Lang

My GGGGF, Ephraim or Froim (Yiddish version of Ephraim) LEIBNER Halevi was born in Western Galicia, part of the Austrian Empire, now Poland, about1800. He made a living by tending to the local markets and fairs where he sold or bought clothing. The items were then repaired, dyed if necessary and resold at the next market. Life was difficult for the Jew had to pay everywhere fees and purchase permits in addition to the regular taxes that were imposed on Jews. He was married to Rachela and they had a son named Shragai Feibish Leibner (the combination of these first names is very were popular among Jews in Europe and they signify light) was born in KORCZYNA, Galicia in 1821.  Nathan
          Leibner in 1919 NYC He continued his father’s occupation. He went from market to market selling and buying clothing and furs that were then fixed, repaired, dyed and resold. He married Sheindel GROSS a native of Korczyna. They soon gave birth to Nuta Nathan (Nussan as pronounced in Yiddish) halevi LEIBNER. He was born on April 18,1843. Then the family gave birth to Esther and later to Rachel Yette in Korczyna in 1853. Nathan went to cheder and learned to be a Jew. He also helped his parents with the clothing business. The girls helped their mother and assisted with the business. Sheindel (Gross) Leibner died at a very young age and Shragai Feibish Leibner remarried in 1875. His second wife was Chana Gittel GRAU. She was born in Korczyna in 1833 and died in the hamlet in 1891. Nathan continued to work with his father and also studied a bit of torah at the local synagogue.

Matchmakers soon began to visit the Leibner home and a match was found for Nathan Leibner. Her name was Pearl Feige TZIMET from ZMIGROD, near JASLO. She was born on April 16th 1846. Her parents were Joel and Gittel TZIMET of Zmigrod. The Tzimets were a well-established and large family in Zmigrod. The young couple took up residence in the hamlet of Zmigrod and Nathan continued the family business tradition.

Esther Leibner was also married to Wolf Beer in Korczyna and so was Rachel Yetta to Yehiel Aaron WEINBERGER. The latter used the name Leibner. Pearl Leibner gave birth to Ephraim Leibner in 1868, named in honor of Nathan’s grandfather. She then gave birth to Sheindel Leibner on April 30 1873, named in honor of Nathan’s mother. Complications set in and Pearl Tzimet Leibner passed away leaving Nathan Leibner with two small infants and a business. Nathan called on his sister Esther to come to Zmigrod to help him. She was recently widowed and there were no children. She closed everything and left Korczyna for Zmigrod. She did say goodbye to her father Shragai Feibish who was still living in Korczyna and to her sister Rachel Yette Leibner-Weinberger and her family.

In 1875, Nathan Leibner married Reisel (later Rose) ACHTSAM and they had nine children of whom five survived:

Nathan Leibner struggled to make a living and maintain his large family. Poverty and oppression were the lot of the Jew in these hamlets. Nathan decided to leave Europe and arrived in NYC on March 15,1886. He started to peddle merchandise from door to door. He then brought over Reisel (Rose)Leibner with the following children; Sheindel who later married Harry KRILL, Rachel who married Benjamin TELLER, Joseph who married Lillian GREYER and Emma who married Harry GOODWIN. They all arrived in 1888 from England. Menachem Mendel Saul Leibner arrived later.

Esther LEIBNER refused to leave Zmigrod and refused to send Ephraim Leibner to the USA. She insisted on having a “kaddish sayer”, someone to say Kaddish when she would pass away. Rachel Yette Leibner and Aaron WEINBERGER in Korczyna had also a large family but many children died in infancy, the survivors were: Fradel, Lea, Itzhak and Ephraim Yehiel Leibner. The patriarch of the family Shragai Feibish Leibner passed away in Korczyna in 1913.

In New York Nathan applied for citizenship and was naturalized in 1900. He also left peddling and went into the fish business. He established Mother's Fish Products and their labels appear to this day on various products in the supermarkets. In Zmigrod, Ephraim Leibner lived with his aunt Esther and continued tending to markets. He married Shprince Ruchel FINDLING, member of a large family in Zmigrod. The family grew with the arrival of several children. Then the sad news arrived from the USA that Rose died on January 14th, 1905. Nathan married Anna COHEN in 1906. They gave birth to a son, Sidney Leibner Oct.10th, 1910 in NYC.

Nathan Leibner died on December 15th, 1929 in NYC. Anna Leibner died on Feb 18th,1944. Rose Leibner, Mendel Leibner, Nathan Leibner and Anna Leibner are buried at Washington cemetery in the Zmigroder section. All the members of Ephraim Leibner’s family in Poland were killed in the shoa except for Pauline Leibner who left for the USA where she married Philip KLEIN and Jacob Leibner who married Serl LANG in Krosno. Most of the members of the Leibner-Weinberger family were also killed in the shoa.

For more information, email Bill Leibner, Jerusalem, Israel

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Florence Rothman Shulman

Florence Rothman married Joe Shulman and they live in Florida. Most of Florence's family came from Zmigród. I am exerpting some of her family stories below:

Schonwetter: My mother was Rose Schonwetter, born around 1894 in Zmigród, and came from quite a large family My grandparents were Abraham (Avrahom) Schonwetter (who died in the Holocaust) and Golda Wohlmuth. My Uncles were in the "Austrian Army"- and were captured by the Italians. My Aunt Anne Schonwetter married Wolff Hofflich (Mar.10,1878-.Jan.1964); Uncle Willie was in Real Estate, built an apartment house on Vernon Ave., B'klyn, named Queen Anne Apts. My uncle and aunt visited the family in Europe; they brought my mother to the States. My parents arrived in New York around 1912

The Schonwetter's owned Hotels and Bars, in Zmigród, one like a "mayor". In the United States all 5 brothers opened Italian American Food stores in N.Y.,B'klyn,Bronx, then in Long Island, Albany & Schenectady.

Rothman: My father was Louis Rothman (Yehuda Leib). My uncle Max Rothman lived in California, his sisters were Shirley and Rose. Dad had an Uncle Isaac who lived in Brooklyn, an educated, very aristocratic Gentleman, probably from Germany. A Second Uncle married my grandfather's sister, a wonderful woman who was truly the Matriarch of her family. They lived in Jamaica and built the synagogue there, in the early 1900's. My parents married after they met at this Tante's home, although my Dad knew Mom's family when they were very young. They lived on a farm and had a teacher who came to their home.

Wolmuth: My grandmother was Golda Wolmuth (born circa 1858, whose parents were Simme Blaugrath & Herman Wolmuth). Her nephew, David Wohlmuth was brought to the States after the war (WWII) by my Uncle Victor Schonwetter--David was the only family survivor in Europe. David Wohlmuth lived in Zmigród when he was young-then he says his family moved to Krenitza.

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Bea Chesler

The description of Zmigród tells me that nothing changed in 100 years. When I was little, I loved hearing my grandfathers stories of the "old home". He would tell how they would put fresh straw down on the floor for Shabbos, and they were considered well-to-do. His father was the tavern owner, and they had a maid! They also made a fresh pot of coffee for Shabbos, and all week long they added chickory to the grounds and reboiled them, over and over. MMMM, that must have really put hair on your chest!!!!

All 4 of my grandparents came from Zmigród. Zlate SPIRO (b.1884) was the daughter of Moshe Joseph and Blume Spiro. Her siblings were Esther, Leib, Mendel and Yochved. In 1907 Zlate married Wolf BERGER (b.1884). He was the son of Yehoshua and Brandel Berger. His siblings included Berish, Bertha, Chaim, Chava, Golde, Itche, Yonah and Sasha. Moshe ERREICH (B. 1872) married Esther KRILL (b. 1873).

My paternal grandmother was Esther Krill. She and my grandfather, Moshe Erreich, lived in and raised their family in Lorrach, Germany. However, my father, and I believe his older sibs also, were born in Zmigród. My father told me that his mother had gone "home" to have her baby. I always wondered why she would leave "modern" Germany to deliver her baby in "backwards" Zmigród. However, if a close relative was a midwife it would make more sense.

For the details, please email Bea Chesler

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Alexander Steinkoler


Recently we heard from Alexander Steinkoler, whose family came from Zmigrod. Alexander sent us these two photographs, and described them as follows: The couple is my grandfather Mordecai Gimple, and my grandmother Esther Wilkenfeld. The other picture is from 1946 and depicts a yizkor memorial service at the Jewish part of the Zmigrod cemetery.  The Weinsteins

My parents were Manya Weinstein (born Zmigrod c 1899) and Isaac Steinkoler. My grandparents were Mordecai and Esther (Wilkenfeld) Gimpel, also from Zmigrod. My dad was born in Tarnogrod; he ran away from the polish army and my mother followed him to Berlin, in the early 30s. We left there in oct 1938, i was 2 and a half. My brother arthur is 6 years older. My oldest brother Manfred died in Berlin of a burst appendix; the Jewish Krankenhause was full and they would not allow him in a regular hospital; I was born soon afterwards and we were probably the last survivors out of berlin in October of 1938.

My mother always was vitally interested in her roots, and tried to keep up her relationships as well as she could. After the war my mom brought Shie Tzimet to the U.S. and he lived with us for a few years before going to Isreal. I remember him as a broken shell of a man, who would cry at the drop of a hat (see Shie's Yizkor another part of this page). There was also a David Maltz who my mother brought over with a whole new family that he acquired in the d.p.camp He had lost his wife and children of his first marriage. The reference in one of the pages to Rabbi Halberstam also brings back memories, as I seem to remember a hasidic Rabbi Halberstam coming to visit us when I was a kid; also a Meisner family, and i think he was in the stationery business.  zmigrod cemetery

After the war my mother went to Israel to visit with her two brothers, Sholom Weinstein, and Sachya Weinstein, who had spent the entire war in Siberia. She got involved with the Anshei Fristig Society.

How excited i am to be making this connection and i realizedThat for some reason i had tears in my eyes as i read your note to me. By all means please put this out on the pages and i would love to hear from anyone who knew of my mother or my father.

For more information, email Alexander Steinkoler, New York City. Return to Table of Contents

. . . .

Camila Mandel Barros

Trip to Zmigrod 2009 by Camila Mandel Barros

Dear Ms Phyllis, as you`ve asked me, there it goes my testimony about my experience in Poland:

My fiancé and I arrived in Krakow on June 4th after an eight-hour journey from Prague. As we speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and German, but not even a word in Polish, we got completely terrified about the fact of going to the countryside of Poland. Luckly we found Mark, a nice Polish translator, used to foreigners looking for their past. So we went to Nowy Zmigrod in a warm Friday (June 5th).

In the Civil Register Office people were really helpful. They showed me the books, asked if I had any other relative, but I was completely entertained at searching for my grandfather`s records. They revealed more than I could ever imagined: although I had met Israel Rosenberg Mandel, son of Salomon MANDEL and Eta GRUBEL, in Zmigrod I could finally confirm I am the granddaugther of Izrael Ezra GRUBEL, son of Salomon GRUBEL (Mandel was cut off) and Eta ROSENBERG! What a surprise! (By the way my aunt is still shocked!) Futhermore I also found out that my great grandfather was citizen of Nowy Sacz, 70 km away from Zmigrod, where the people in charge there assured there was my great grandparents` marriage certificate. We ran to Nowy Sacz immediatelly! Unfotunately they were not allowed to show me the documents due to the confusion of surnames. Anyway, I also had the opportunity to know my great great grandfather`s: Isaak Mandel!

At the end another unexpected surprise: we went to the sinagogue where my great grandparents had got married! I got emotional! I was simply looking for papers and names; I found my origins!

Once again, thanks for your initiative to return to Poland and trace the path for others trying to discover their roots!

Izrael Ezra Grubel, 20/6/1925, son of Salomon Grubel (Mandel), tailor, citizen of Nowy Sacz, and Eta Rosenberg, citizen of Zmigrod.
All of them, together with Fradel (my grandfather's older sister), went to Brazil around 1932, fortunately escaped from the terrible fate of those who stayed, and had a great life.
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Menashe Kampler: Kampler and Kratzer

5/2019 My Grandmother Hinda KRATZER came from Zmigrod. She married Menashe Hacohen KAMPLER from Tarnow, in London around 1910 and they lived in Frankfurt am Main from the early 1900s until the holocaust.
The photo on the right is from Frankfurt. Standing from left to right; Ida, ?, Hinda Kratzer, Herman, Menashe, and Hedwig (Hermans wife) KAMPLER; sitting: Joe, Fred and Paul KAMLPER.
Hinda and Menashe had 7 children. Hinda was most likely deported to Ghetto Riga in 1942. My father z”l survived Sachsenhausen.
My Grandmother's sister Sprinza KRATZER FESSEL has a daughter still alive, she grew up in Dortmund.
My Great uncle Pesah KRATZER moved to Slovakia. Pesah's son Zvi KRATZER changed his family name to SARID ("survivor" in Hebrew); he did research on Slovakian shtetlach destroyed in the Shoa and published a book; he died 2001 leaving 2 daughters and a son.
I have Kratzer relatives in Israel alive and well.

For more information, email M. Kampler, Isreal

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