Zelva, Lithuania


Jewish Community of Zelva

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Zelva, Lithuania

Želva [Lith], Podzelve [Yid], Pozel've [Rus], Pozelwa [Pol], Pazelva, Pazhevla, Podzelva, Podzhelve, Zelwa, Zelve, Žēlva, Zhelva, Zhyalva, Želvos

Russian: Позельве.

38 miles NNW of Vilnius (Vilna), 14 miles E of Ukmergė (Vilkomir).

[Not to be confused with Zėl'va/Zelwa, Belarus, in Volkovisk district, Grodno Gubernia.]

Jewish Population: 643 (in 1897), 364 (in 1923)


Podzelva, Vilkomir uyezd, Kovno gubernia, Russian Empire


Želva, Ukmergė apskritis, Lithuania


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