Born in Yurburg, Lithuania

Rivka Krelitz was born in Yurburg, Lithuania. She married Shmuel Guttman from Sudarg, just down the river from Yurburg. They immigrated to Mexico City in 1927. They raised three sons. Unfortunately all contact has been lost with them.

Anyone knowing of their whereabouts, please contact Joel Alpert

Proof that all this work was worth it: See below

On December 23, 1996, the following e-mail was received.

Dear Joel:
My name is Abraham Sherman and I am a nephew of Rivka Krelitz.  I am originally
from Mexico City but I am living in Houston, TX.
My father is Max (Meyer) Sherman Krelitz, son of Leah Krelitz who was Rivka's
sister.  She went to Mexico City on vacation to see Rivka and was told not go
back because of the holocaust.  Unfortunately, my grandmother died a couple of
years ago but my aunt Rivka is still alive, she is 95 years old.  My father has
a sister Esther Sherman Krelitz who also lives in Mexico City.  We have
pictures of the whole family and even the letters in Yiddish when my
grandmother was told not to go back to Europe and they are pretty dramatic.
I have no idea why my grandmother does not appear in the list of the Krelitz
family but I can tell you my father was totally overcome by emotion to find out
he has other living relatives as he was told everybody died in the holocaust.
Please reply to my e-mail at your earliest convenience.
My father fluent in English and both of us are sincerely looking  forward to
hearing from you.
Abraham Sherman

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