Dovid Lieb Abramson


Born in Yurburg, Lithuania about 1918.

Died in Tel Aviv Israel about 1975.


Dovid Leb met his wife, Genia, during high school and were married in 1939 in Lithuania. She was from Siauli.

Genia told the following story about their escape from Lithuania into Russia at the beginning of the war. "When the Russians came, they took over two of the three rooms they had, so they went to Kovno. Either before or shortly after the start of the war, Dovid Leb came home one day, and told her that they must flee Kovno to the East immediately. They packed two suitcases and left that night. They took their gold, and eventually made their way to Russia, which took them six weeks. They went any way they could, including walking and by train. At one point she and Dovid Leb were on a train heading toward Russia. She got off the train to get some food. When she got backto the train station, the train was gone with Dovid Leb onboard. She had no idea where the train was going, and she had no money or anthing with her. She met three boys, non-Jews who took pity on her and took care of her, she had been in a state of hysteria. One of the boys was very smart. He was able to dig up carrots from the fields with his knife and thereby feed them. They got on another train, not knowing where they were going. They came to a town. There she met another woman that she knew from her school, who had a small child, and who had just seen Dovid Leb. She left the three boys and went with the woman. Genia said that that was a mistake, as she faired much better with the boys than with this friend of hers. They finally reached the town of Surato, near the Volga river. She had no money nor papers, so she went to the mayor of the town for help, which he did. She eventually made her way to Bela Kova where she caught sight of Dovid Leb on the rail platform. She rushed off the train, found her husband and they hugged unabashedly in sight of everyone. They spent the war years in Russia. They had a son born there named Yossi, named after Dovid Leb's father. The son, however died in Russia. They made their way to Paris, France after the war, where their first daughter was born. Eventually they settled in Tel Aviv, Israel, where their second daughter was born."

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