August 2019 Photos - John Wasserman

Enlarged 1928 photo on the side of the Slot house and shop (see Chaim Joselson's map of Joniskelis).
The original house is no longer there but this amazing photo is just down the street from where the original house was located.

Memorial located on the site of the Jewish cemetery in Joniskelis.
The cemetery was razed by the Soviets.
The related Been family house across and down the street from the Slot house.

Memorial to the men murdered on August 26, 1941,
including our Zlot/Slot/Wasserman relatives from Joniskelis.
located next to the pit where they were murdered and buried
Yarzheit candle and photo John Wasserman left at the site.
Chaim Joselson in the top row middle is the only one who survived

Memorial to the women and children who were murdered on August 27, 1941.
Located around 500 yards from the site where the men were murdered the day before.
Another photo of the memorial to the women and children who were murdered on August 27, 1941.

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Photos taken by John Wasserman on a trip to Joniskelis in August 2019
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