Meir Gover: I retrieved this photo from Barry, Miami FL, 2009.
This is the headstone of Zwi Hersz (Broder Brodac) son of Zew (Wolf), my great granduncle.
Died age 64, on 26 Tamuz 5682 - 25 July 1922.
Above his stone is his framed photo.
Holding his photo on the left, is his widow Chawa Laja Priwas Broder. Widow is orthodox (wearing a wig).
On the right his daughter, Rosa Broder Marcus, age 39, visiting Wyszkow from Brooklyn, NY.
Two males are sons-in-law. Kid is a grandson.
C. July 1923 the deceased 1st Yharzeit or maybe a later Yahrzeit.
The weeds are already dry (late summer).
Location: Wyszkow Jewish Cemetery.
Note Wyszkow style of headstones: top is circled and deceased given name is painted: i.e., Hersh Zvi is a "Gazelle."
Note right headstone Lion. Deceased on right is probably Lejb Arie. (His 2nd given name shows as Mendel).
Compare with Losice headstones style: Matzevot Recovered in Losice
Headstone is near the birch trees border of the cemetery (see birch trees clear cemetery border on the 1944 Luftwafe aerial photo of Wyszkow).
Inscription on Zwi Hersz headstone:
"Miserable people will cry
the skies are worn out
we cry about the extinguished candle
our master, father and head crown
Zwi Hersh son of Zew.
He lived for 64 years.
Niftar 26 Tamuz 5682"

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