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During our trip to Poland, my wife and I, accompanied by our guide/translator/driver, Chris Malczewski, went to my father's home town, Wyszków, about 35 miles NE of Warsaw. While there we met with Wojciech Chodkowski, the President of the Town Council, and other officials. We also spent time with a local architect, Wojciech Smolkowski, who had some B & W pre-war photos of the town. Additionally, we visited the civil records office and met with its head, Alicja Chelmicka. I found my father's birth record; he was officially registered in 1920, although he was born in 1913. We were interested in the records book for 1919, the year my great great grandfather died in an accident involving an explosion of a seltzer machine. We found his death record, but could not determine whether anyone else was killed as a result of the explosion. Here are thumbnails and links to larger photos that were taken in April, 2004, when we visited Wyszków.


Wyszków Road Marker Crossing Bug River into Wyszków Entering Wyszków Traffic Circle, once Market Square Former Jewish Area of Wyszków Recent Memorial to Wyszków Native, Mordechai Anielewicz Synagogue Once Stood Here Wyszków Government Offices Chris Malczewski (guide) and Wojciech Chodkowski, President of Town Council Jewish Cemetery Project One of Several Plaques at Cemetery Another Plaque Another Plaque Wall of Recovered Tombstones Tombstone of My Great Great Great Uncle, Moshe Nuchom Rozenberg Wyszków, Former Market (Rynek) Wyszków, Former Market (Rynek) Another View of Former Rynek Former Rynek View of Bug River, from Rynek Architect, Wojciech Smolkowski and Howard Orenstein Gymnasium Model Built by W. Smolkowski. Actual Rebuilding on Hold. Wyszków Civil Records Office, exterior Alicja Chelmicka, Director of Wyszków Civil records Office and Howard Orenstein Records Book, 1919


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