The Wyszków Project

From Frida CIELAK (nee' GRAPA-MARCUSHAMER), a 3g in Mexico City, Mexico:

Dear Friends:
I am working with the well known Mexican historian, author and essayist, Dr. Enrique KRAUZE, in gathering information for his Wyszków Project. My name is Frida GRAPA CIELAK, and I am the assistant researcher for the project.

We are searching for Wyszków (Vishkov), Poland Survivors or their descendants.

Enrique and I both reside in Mexico City, Mexico. We are both 3g's, descendants of Wyszkówer Jewish families. Our parents came to America before WWII (1935-36). My grandmother and some cousins were Holocaust survivors. My grandmother wasn't found until 1947 and then she was brought to Mexico where she was finally able to enjoy her children and grandchildren for almost 3 years, and we were thrilled to have her! Enrique, is the grandnephew of Aaron Pacht, author of "Tzvey Shtiber" (about Wyszków during the two World Wars) and many members of his family also were survivors.

For this project, we are seeking not only Survivors or their families who are from Wyszków, but we are also looking for testimonies, stories, anecdotes, documents, letters, data, and facts that they would like to share with us. We hope that by posting our request, maybe there will be not only Survivors and their families willing to contact us, but also people who loved or knew about this shtetl of our ancestors! We do hope so!

Please reply directly to:
Frida CIELAK at:

with a copy (cc) to Enrique KRAUZE at:

History is nourished by information and we do not want this history to be forgotten, therefore what we need most importantly is information of Wyszków, pre-, during, and post- World War II and the Holocaust.

Also, we believe that there were some TAUB families who were born and raised in the shtetl of Wyszków. We have heard of Tad Taube's Foundation for Jewish Life and Culture, and about Herman Taub. We would like to contact them only to ask if their ancestors came from Wyszków.

We thank you in advance for your help.

Frida GRAPA CIELAK, Assistant Researcher for the Wyszków Project
Enrique KRAUZE, Mexican Historian

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