Wieluń, Poland

Wieluń is also transliterated as "Velyun" or Viloyn ווי לוין in Yiddish.

Wieluń is located at latitude 52°59' longitude 20°02' and is located in Kalisz gubernia, Lodz Province, 64.9 miles northwest of Warszawa, Poland.

Kalisz Gubernia / Lodz Province

You can view Wieluń on Google Maps.

Photographs taken in The Town of Wieluń in 2005.
Photographs taken in The Town of Wieluń in 2008.
More photographs taken in The Town of Wieluń in 2008.
Wieluń Society Sections in New York area cemeteries.
Wieluń Holocaust Memorial in Tel Aviv Cemetery.
The town of Wieluń is included in the Lodz Area Research Group. Please visit this site for further information on researching your Jewish roots in the Lodz region. You are invited to join the online mailing list.
Read "THE STORY OF MY FATHER'S LIFE", by Kerry Martin
Wieluń and neighboring towns' Jewish communities - a site in both English and Hebrew: http://www.wielun.org.il/
Satellite Map of Wieluń, Maplandia.com Wieluń

Translation of the "Wielun" Yizkor Book chapter from Pinkas Hakehillot Polin

Wartime Family photographs from Wieluń Bala Abramovitz, family and friends
Vintage World War II photographs of the town of Wieluń
Wieluń Memories and Family Stories An Oral Family History - The Abramovitz Family
You can visit and see a city map of Wieluń as well as peruse his other Wieluń material at David Gmach's "once upon a time, .. in Wyszogrod" website.
You can also read about the bombing of Wieluń on Wikipedia
Wieluń - from Beth Hatefutsoth
Connect with others researching Wieluń Click the button below to search the JewishGen Family Finder database.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum archives on Wieluń
Search the Yad Vashem Database for Holocaust victims.
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland (JRI-Poland) Vital Records
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