Vysokaye, Belarus


Alternate names: Vysokaye [Bel], Vysokoye [Rus], Wysokie Litewskie [Pol], Visoka Litovsk [Yid], Visoka D'Lita, Visoke Dlita, Visoke Litovsk, Vysoko-Litovsk, Wysoki Litovsk, Visokie-Litevskie, Visokoya, Vysokae

Region: Grodno

  1. Yizkor Books (1 Book):

    1. Yizkor!: gevidmet dem heyligen ondenk fun di kdoyshim fun Visoka-Litovsk un Voltshin (New York, 1948)


Town                                                                                                     District                                            Province                                  Country

Before WWI (c. 1900):                  Visoke Litovsk                    Brest                                                Grodno                                    Russian Empire

Between the wars (c. 1930):        Wysokie Litewskie           Brześć nad Bugiem                     Polesie                                     Poland

After WWII (c. 1950):                    Vysokoye                                                                                                                                             Soviet Union

Today (c. 2000):                              Vysokaye                                                                                                                                              Belarus

Jewish Population in 1900:   2,876 (in 1897)

Belarusian: Высокае (Высока-Літоўск). Russian: Высокое (Высоко-Литовск). Yiddish: װיסאָקא־ליטאװסק

53 miles 85 km S of Białystok, 23 miles 37 km NW of Brest.

Additional information for Vysokaye:

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  5. JewishGen Belarus SIG

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Vysokaye Landsmanshaft Cemetery Plots in the New York Area:

Wisoker Family Circle – New Montefiore Cemetery - Section 6, Block 7

Wisoko Litowsker Bruderlicker Unt. Verein – Wellwood Cemetery - Block 29, Section 2

Wisoko Litowsker Bruderlicker Unterstuetzungs Verein -   Mt. Judah Cemetery - Section 2, Block 6

  1.     Wisoko Litowsker Bruderlicker Unterstuetzungs Verein - Section 5, Post 49

  2.     Wisoko Litowsker Bruderlicker Unt. Verein - Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn - Cemetery #5, Post #497. Entrance is on Arcadia Ave. which runs off 20th Ave

YIVO's Landsmanshaftn Collection has the following material:

Wysoko-Litowsker Brotherly Ben. Society – Record Group: RG 1611

Vysokaye Landsmanshaftn incorporated in New York County

Wisoko Litowsk Bruderlicher Unterstutzungs Verein – Year of Incorporation: 1902, Doc. # 260

Wisoker Ladies Unterstuetzungs Verein – Year of Incorporation: 1905, Doc. # 3403


The JewishGen Belarus Database is a multiple-database search containing more than 500,000 entries from Belarus which incorporates the following databases: JewishGen Family Finder )JGFF), JRI -Poland, Yizkor Book Necrologies, JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR), Birth Records, Marriage Records, Belarus Names Database, Jewish Religious Personnel in the Russian Empire, 1853-1854, Revision Lists and much more! The database is a work in progress and new entries are being added regularly.

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Translation of Yisker zhurnal gevidmet diumgekumene fun Visoka un Voltshin


Description of the Vysokaye Jewish Cemetery:






                                                                                                Vysokaye, Belarus

                                                Visoka Litovsk  - װיסאָקא־ליטאװסק

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