The Voynilov/Wojnilow Cemetery

Cemetery at Voynilov/Wojnilow

Photos and History of Jewish cemetery at Voynilov

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A modest woman...Sara daughter of Yisrael...May her soul be bound in the bond of everlasting life.

Possibly the stone for a little girl who died on the 18th of Av. Dated August, 1892.


A humble and God-fearing woman.

Can only make out the word "modest."

Photographs by permission of Roman Zakharii

VOYNILOV: US Commission No. UA08190101

Source: International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies - Cemetery Project

Alternate name: Voinilov (German), Wojnilow (Hungarian) and Vojnilow (Czech). Voynilov is located in Ivano-Frankovskaya at 4908 2430, 88 km from Lvov and 17 km from Kalush. The cemetery is located at N part of village, near River Voynilov. Present town population is 1,000-5,000 with no Jews. Town officials: Village Executive Council, Kusen Nokolay Ivanovich [Phone: 22544

Regional: Regional State Administration Chairman Davidyuk Nikolay Fedorovich [Phone: (03472) 22187]. Oblast State Administration of Skripnichuk Vasiliy Mikhaylovich [Phone: (03422) 25280]. Main Architect of Kalush region, Buchetskiy Aleksandr Romanovich [Phone: 35027].

Jewish Community of Kolesnik, Victor Pavlovich [Phone: (03422)34894].

CQ Photo
By permission of Roman Zakharii
The earliest known Jewish community was 18th century. 1939 Jewish population (census) was 944. Effecting the Jewish Community was 1867 when Jews received all rights of Austro-Hungary with last known Jewish burial was 1940. Jewish community was Hasidic. No other towns or villages used this cemetery. The isolated suburban hillside by water has no sign or marker. Reached by downstairs Franko St., access is open to all. No wall, fence, or gate surrounds the cemetery. 1 to 20 common tombstones with more than 75% toppled, date from 1930. The cemetery contains no known mass graves. Municipality owns property now used for agriculture (crops or animal grazing). Properties adjacent are agricultural and residential. The cemetery boundaries are unchanged since 1939. Occasionally, local residents visit. The cemetery was vandalized during World War II but not in the last ten years. There is no maintenance. Within the limits of the cemetery are no structures. The vandalism destroyed tombstones and may the destruction of the cemetery. Serious threat: vandalism. Moderate threat: uncontrolled access. Slight threat: weather erosion, pollution, vegetation, existing and proposed nearby development.

Hodorkovskiy Yuriy Isaakovich of Kiev, Vozduhoflotskiy Prospect, 37A, Apt. 23 [Phone: (044) 2769505] visited site on 3/6/96. Interviewed were Buchatskiy A.R. [Phone: 35027] on 3/6/96. Hodorkovskiy completed survey on 02/08/1996. Documentation: Wasintynski: B. Ludnosc Zydowska w Polsce w wiekach XIX i XX Warszawa, 1930 Jewish Encyclopaedia; Jewish Encyclopaedia.

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