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       Date Last Updated: 18-May-2012

Vitebsk Pictures


Pictures from the Ghetto Fighters' Collection from Lohamei Hagetaot

The following pictures are from the Lohamei Hagetaot, Museum, Israel. They were sent by Eilat Gordin Levitan.

A group of Jewish socialist revolutionaries from Vitebsk turn of century (c1900). Socialist


Israel - Yosef Abramis, a teacher from Vitebsk, with his pupils.


Members of HaChalutz in Vitebsk on the way to Palestine (picture was taken at their stop in Rokiskis, Lithuania). Zionists

Solomon Shif, a young Jew from Vitebsk, member of a revolutionary movement that wanted to overthrow the Russian tsar.


Members of the HeChaluts movement in the first agricultural pioneering training group (hachshara) in Vitebsk 1921.

HeChaluts 1921

Members of an agricultural pioneering training farm (hachshara) of the HeChaluts movement in Vitebsk, in their vegetable patch.

Vege patch

Members of an agricultural pioneering training farm (hachshara) of the HeChaluts movement in Vitebsk 1921.


Zalman Skorobogatov, a Jewish revolutionary from Vitebsk.


Avraham Amsterdam of Vitebsk.

Avraham Amsterdam

Liza Amsterdam of Vitebsk.

Liza Amsterdam of Vitebsk

Artist Yehuda Pen lived in Vitebsk he established there the only Jewish art school until Marc Chagall opened the public Higher School of Art in 1918.

yehuda pen

Shloyme Zanvl Rappoport (1863, Vitebsk 1920, Otwock), better known by the pseudonym S. Ansky (or An-ski), was a scholar who documented Jewish folklore and mystical beliefs.


The Yiddish author and playwright S. An-Ski with his father.

Ansky with father


Bielka Yatkin and Liuba Fradkin. Two Jewish young women from Vitebsk who belonged to the revolutionary movement that opposed the tsarist regime.

vitebsk 2 socialist women2

German soldiers hanging a partisan in Vitebsk.

z partisanpartisan2

Soviet soldiers in a street in liberated Vitebsk.


A Jewish funeral in Vitebsk - woodcut by Shlomo Yudovin. For more information on the artist go to:

yudvekin2 funeral

A view of Vitebsk - woodcut by Shlomo Yudovin. Shlomo Yudovin was born in 1894 in Beshenkovitchi near Vitebsk. Shortly thereafter, his parents relocated to Vitebsk. Yudovin lived in Vitebsk until 1926.


Vitebsk marketplace- Chagall.


Chagall; View from the window, Vitebsk.



There is some additional information about artists and the art school of Vitebsk in an article called The Painters of Vitebsk by Itzhak Likhtenstein found on Ed Sternin's Vitebsk website.