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The Mirer, Barshop, Witten and Woichansky Families

This information was donated by Dror Voichansky.

I am trying to trace the relatives of Chaia/Annie Mirer (nee Voichansky Woichansky).

Chaia was born in Gorodok (part of the Vitebsk gubernia [district]), Belarus in 1881. Her parents were Shlomo and Hava Voichansky from Gorodok. She immigrated to the USA in 1903. Annie married Isaac Mirer in 1906 in New York.

She lived in New York until she passed in 1968. Annie’s daughter, Ruth Barshop (nee Mirer), was born in 1920 and lives in New York. Annie also had relatives, first cousins who lived in Boston and may be some other parts of the USA and/or Canada.

One of her older brothers was Max Woichansky, who changed his name to Witten. He came to the US (NY area) and had two children, Evelyn and Joseph.

Evelyn was married to David Fox, who was killed in an accident. She may have remarried. She had 3 children - Steven, Richard, and Marjorie.

We would like to have contact with all/any of these people and or other relatives. We would like to possibly receive more family information; and we would even like to meet with them.

Thank you very much

Dror Voichansky

Annie & Isaac Mirer

Chayia/Annie and Isaac Mirer (nee Voichansky) New York - 1954