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The Wyman Family

This information was donated by MG.

He was given copies of the documents, about 20 years ago, by Louis’daughter GM. Louis Wyman (Leib Vaiman) and his brother Avraham Vaiman were cousins of Irene Reikin Menkin. Their mother, Tsurel Polotovsky Vaiman, was the sister of Nathan Reiken (originally Polotovsky). This information includes: Louis Wyman's Russian passport from 1913, and letters sent to him in 1947 by Avraham Vaiman, and by a relative named Yena Vaiman (perhaps she was an unmarried sister or a sister-in-law). By that time, Avraham and Yena were living in Chernowitz, not in Vitebsk. Louis's passport says "Vainman," not "Vaiman," though it seems clear that the name is really Vaiman, from Avraham's and Yena's letters. It seems that this was done on purpose, perhaps to allow him to leave the country. One of the letters from Avraham is a statement, in both Yiddish and Russian, saying that Louis is his brother, and he left Vitebsk to go to America in 1912. MG thinks the date should be 1913, based on the passport. Maybe Louis needed that statement for some legal purpose in the US, especially if he was using a false name when he came.

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