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The Toldrin Family

This information was donated by SV.

My grandfather came to the U.S. in 1906, apparently after a recent pogrom. His home town was Orsha, since that was on his naturalization papers as well as his "draft" card for WW II in NYC.

His arrival documents, from the boat crossing from Liverpool, indicate his last area of residence may have been in Pastavy, west of Orsha and Vitebsk, near Lithuania.

His family was composed of his father and sister, whom I believe was older. His mother died of cholera in Orsha during the epidemic in the mid-1880's. His father's trade was one of the popular ones in that city, a tailor. Apparently Orsha was known for its fine tailors.

He told me when I was a child that he never heard from his sister after 1939. My guess is she perished in the Holocaust because if he had heard from her when he was in NY, she would have continued to communicate if she had managed to escape elsewhere.

The family name was Toldrin. I do not know his parents' names, nor that of his sister, or whether she was married and had a different surname. I understand one can do research in the Archives in Minsk but that records are not in good shape and hard to access.